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Review of Zippit Anti Tangle Earphones


Don’t you hate it when your headphones or earphones get all tangled together? I know I hate it with a passion and many companies have come out with anti tangle style cords but nothing comes close to what I have…

Urbanears Intros Kransen Headphones


Urbanears has just announced the availability of the Kransen headphones or actually earbuds which will be selling for about $40. What I find interesting about these is that they are designed to stay put in your ears even through vigorous…

Review of Wicked Audio EVAC Headphones


Up for review today I have headphones, not just any headphones, but the new EVAC from Wicked Audio. The EVAC headphones are budget priced yes, but they sound pretty good overall. The headphones are made well, they’re lightweight and they…