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Review of Korg Headtune HT-G2


If you play guitar, bass or ukulele then today’s review item should be of interest. Tuning one’s instrument can be simple for those with perfect pitch hearing while others such as myself need some external assistance via a tuner. Korg…

Review of Korg microKEY37 USB MIDI Keyboard


Today’s review item will certainly pique the interest of current and aspiring musicians. Korg, the well-known keyboard manufacturer have released 25, 37 and 61 key portable USB powered MIDI keyboards under the microKEY moniker. These three portable USB powered MIDI…

It’s National Piano Month


You might be wondering what pianos have to do with tech right about now right? Well it’s national piano month as you can see from the headline up there and a company called Korg has come up with a microPiano…