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Review of Aootek Foldable LED Desk Lamp


Up for review today I’ve got another LED desk lamp but this one is very much different than the others I’ve looked at as it’s foldable and rechargeable and it has a built-in clock, alarm clock and calendar. The Aootek…

Review of Bright Outdoors Go Solar Lantern


Up for review today I’ve got another product for outdoor use like camping and hiking, it’s a solar powered LED lantern but what makes it unique is that it’s inflatable. The lantern is from a company called Bright Outdoors and…

Review of KooPower Fairy Berry LED Lights


I’ve got another quick review for you of more LED fairy lights but these are from KooPower, they’re called Berry lights and they’re shaped like little berries. These are battery powered and semi-water proof, you can splash them but not…