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Review of ZOTAC ZBOX CI540 nano Plus


The new Zotac Zbox CI540 Nano Plus – is it yet another palm sized mini-pc with very few new features? Starting off this one is passive-cooled, in other terms super silent package perfect for your multimedia tasks. ZBOX CI540 Nano…

Apple News!


Apple just announced several new things going on with them, and I figured instead of making separate posts I’d combine it into one for you. At least what I’ve got so far, and I have to say I do like…

iFrogz 4th Gen Nano Luxe iPod Case


It’s been a while since we’ve looked at any iPod accessories hasn’t it? Well if you’ve still got your iPod nano 4th Generation then the product I’ve got today might interest you. The product is a decent case from iFrogz…

Callpod Fueltank Portable Charging Unit


We live in a mobile society obviously, everywhere you’ll see people with their mobile devices, be them phones, MP3 players or laptops, we’re connected no matter where we are. One problem with these portable devices is power, batteries are lasting…

Weekly Giveaway #6 – Speck and NZXT

Another week gone by,  it’s time for another weekly giveaway, this time I’ve got the NZXT Guardian 921 PC Case and two Speck fitted cases for the iPod nano 4th. We’re going to do this one a bit differently though,…

Weekly Giveaway #1 -Otterbox

  Starting today we’re going to be doing a weekly giveaway to show our appreciation to our readers. This week I’ve got two cases from Otterbox for the Apple iPod nano 4th Generation.