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Review of Nyko Charge Base for Nintendo 3DS


The Nintendo 3DS changed the face of handhelds with glasses-free 3D, but that innovation came with a downside. The battery life of the Nintendo 3DS is pretty bad for a handheld gaming system, with everything enabled you’ll be lucky to…

Mobile Fun Weekly Roundup


Good morning everyone, it’s a bright and rather chilly morning here, and I’ve got the weekly roundup from our friends at Mobile Fun for you today. This week we’ve got a few mobile things and some gaming stuff as well.…

Nyko Zoom for Kinect Available Today


On the Xbox 360 gaming front we have a product launching today that is essentially for people with small houses or apartments from Nyko called the Kinect Zoom. The Zoom allows you to play your Kinect games in a smaller…

News and review for July 3rd 2009

I’m sure a lot of you are off today, and probably not even home today, most of you out there are probably traveling for the holiday weekend.. Have fun, think of me as I’m working… here’s the news: