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Dragon Age: Inquisition Xbox One Game Review @ TweakTown


QUOTE:“Dragon Age 2 left a lot of fans with a bitter taste. Can the Inquisition return the franchise to its best days? Here’s Simon’s full review.” For more information, please visit – http://www.tweaktown.com/gaming/6859/dragon-age-inquisition-xbox-one-game-review/index.html  

News for Monday May 5th 2014


Ugh, I’m sick, have been all weekend, it really started on Friday and it’s not getting much better. I can deal with most anything in regards to being sick except being congested, I hate not being able to breathe. Being…

News for Friday April 11th 2014


Happy Friday! Yes it’s Friday and  I think I’m ready to get some work done. I’ve been tied up with one of my other sites and it not working all of the sudden, I think I have it fixed and…

HTC Announces HTC One M8


Well it’s official my phone is now obsolete, yes I have the HTC One M7 version, so now that the M8 is out mine is history. Price is $649 to buy one direct and I can’t afford that right now…

Review of a-Jays One+ Earphones


Up for review today I’ve got another set of earphones or earbuds, whichever you call them, but they’re from a company called a-Jays and the product is called the One+. The headphones feature an in-line one button remote with microphone…

News for Sunday July 7th 2013


Happy Sunday! Yep, it’s time for the news from our friends around the world once again, and we’ve got plenty of it, phones, video cards, cases, cases for phones and just a whole lot of stuff. I’ve got a couple…

What’s Wrong with the Xbox One?


So what’s wrong with the Xbox One? Too many things at this point it seems. In the past day or so we’ve learned a lot about the Xbox One and then we really didn’t learn that much did we? It…

Microsoft Announces the Xbox One


So right now I’m watching the live stream of the Xbox One announcement and the console is as expected, a huge upgrade and of course it has a blu-ray player! The console will have wi-fi, USB 3.0, and a healthy…

News for Monday May 13th 2013


Happy Monday, yep the day everyone hates is here, the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work. Fun-fun, I’ve got stuff to do, a lot of stuff to do actually, but it just seems there isn’t…

Otterbox HTC One Case Out Now


So if you need a case for your phone, you want the best and that would be Otterbox. At least that’s my opinion on things, and I have the HTC One coming next week so I need to get a…

HTC Launches The One Smartphone

HTC One_3V_Black

So it seems HTC has some exciting news today, they’ve launched their latest flagship smartphone called the One which is an Android Jelly Bean based phone with a 4.7” 1080P screen. The interface kind of looks like Windows phone to…