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ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM 4K Gaming Desktop Review @ TweakTown


QUOTE:“We have probably one of the most overkill desktops we’ve seen. Sporting three GTX 980s, the MILLENNIUM is built to withstand 4K gaming and beyond.” For more information, please visit – http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6903/origin-pc-millennium-4k-gaming-desktop-review/index.html

ECS Liva 64GB Mini PC Review @ TechSpot


Setting the bar for small form factor PCs in July, ECS’ Liva made comparable machines look oversized and overpriced, weighing only 190g and measuring 118mm wide, 56mm tall and70mm deep. Since its debut, ECS has updated the Liva with a…

Gaming PC Under $800 @ TechnologyX


Today we’re introducing an all new weekly segment called Build Of The Week. In it, we’ll be providing custom PC build lists tailored for specific-uses and budgets, these builds are curated by our best and brightest to be guaranteed to…

MSI Unveils All in One Gaming PC Lineup


So MSI has just announced their newest gaming PC lineup that are actually all-in-one style computers and to celebrate they’ve sent over a huge press release with all kinds of pictures included in it. I’m not sure how well an…

Evolve Coming October 21st 2014


I love shooter type games and Evolve sounds great but I’m not one for multiplayer only games, I like to be able to play my games without the distractions of other players which sometimes just aren’t that nice at all.…