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News for February 12th 2012


So it’s time again for the news from our friends around the world! In here you’ll find quite a bit, I’ve got a three days worth for you. There’s also a few decent giveaways going on so you can get…

News for February 6th 2012


Apparently Intel has just released a new SSD as I’ve got a ton off reviews that came in today. Apparently I’m not in the know about these things as we didn’t get one, come to think of it I don’t…

News for February 2nd 2012


I’m on a new sleep schedule and I don’t like it, I have to get up about two hours earlier than I did before and I just can’t get accustomed to it. At least not yet, by the time it’s…

News for January 28th 2012


Did you ever just have one of those weeks where you didn’t feel like doing anything? That’s the kind of week I had this past week, that’s one of the dangers of working from home and not really having a…

New for January 22nd 2012


It’s time for the news once again, once I get this posted I’ve got to get back to writing up some reviews. Inside you’ll find the usual stuff, and then a lot more CES stuff, a lot of sites are…

News for January 13th 2012


Time of the news once again and inside you’ll find plenty of reviews and an added section for CES coverage. There’s a contest or two in here as well, so read on and stop back later for more news and…

News for January 8th 2012


It’s Sunday and my youngest got up at 8am and I have to ask why. I don’t like getting up early on Sundays. So I figured I’d post some news and I’ve got a lot of it for you. Just…

News for December 31st 2011


It’s December 31st and that mean that new year is almost upon us! Some out there believe that the end of the world is coming this year, yep the Mayan calendar says the world is going to end and there…

New for December 18th 2011


And it’s time for the news again!  I just noticed it’s exactly one week until Christmas  so i hope you’ve got your shopping done. For now though sit back, releax and read some news..    

News for December 13th 2011


Wow, there’s only 12 more days until Christmas, or 11 until Christmas eve. I hope you’ve got your shopping done and are not waiting until the last minute! Anyway, it’s time for the news from our friends around the world!…

News for December 7th 2011


Hello, hello! it’s time for the news once again from our friends around the world. There’s plenty of reviews in here along with a bit more. later I’ll have a couple more reviews from us and more news, but for…

News for December 3rd 2011


Happy Saturday, I’m sure a lot of you are happy the weekend is here, I’m not too sure myself, it just means my kids have no school… Anyway, it’s time for the news once again from our friends around the…

News for Tuesday November 29th 2011


Happy Tuesday! My kids are back to school today, the Thanksgiving break is now over and that makes me happy! SO it’s time once again for the news from our friends around the world and by reading it I see…