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News for Sunday October 16th 2011


Yes it’s Sunday and it’s time once again for the news and product reviews from our friends across the world. As I’m sure you know by know, today is Steve Jobs day and I’m not sure if it’s an official…

News for Sunday April 10th 2011


Well it’s Sunday, very early, 9 minutes after 12 as I’m typing this actually. I was supposed to be done with all of this on Saturday actually but I have one more review coming yet for you of a graphics…

News for March 4th 2011


Ok, so it’s time for the news. I was going to have a review of the Orb TV for you, but I ran into some issues with it, so give me a couple more days to work them out.  I’ll…

New Products on technogog


Happy Monday, welcome to a new week and we’ll start it off with a listing of the new products we’ve recently added to our main site. We’ve got projectors, cell phones, netbooks, GPS devices and monitors too!