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3M Introduces Two New Pocket Projectors


I’ve always liked these little pocket style projectors, I have the original AAXA myself, not that I actually use it much, but it comes in handy at times. The MP180 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with an integrated MP3 player…

Acer 3D Ready Projectors Come to Canada


So it looks like you folks up in Canada can now get these 3D ready projectors from Acer. There are three different models ranging from $499 up to $699 with varying features of course.. Acer X1230PS – Brilliant Visuals for…

World’s First 3LCD LED Projector


The first 3LCD LED projectors are here, these supposedly are more energy efficient and solve a lot of problems of earlier generation LED projectors, like no warm up time, no color wheel and supposedly they offer up to 30,000 hours…