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Review of XJacKer PS3 Kit


I haven’t seen many console accessories in a while but I’ve got a few of them coming for you, starting today with the XJacker PS3 Kit. I’m sure right now you’re wondering what the heck an XJacker is, well it’s…

Skyrim PS3 Patch is Out


So it’s looks as though the Skyrim PS3 patch it out, sadly it’s only out in Europe right now. I just checked and nothing there. I like Skyrim, I like it a lot but it’s unplayable with the lag. There…

Crysis Hits the Consoles Today!


It looks like you need to dust off your nanosuit, because Crysis is on your consoles today! Yes it’s finally here and totally remastered just for the consoles. My only question is: Can it run Crysis? Price is $19.99 on…