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QPAD MK-70 Keyboard Review @ Vortez

qpad mk-70 intro

Though the MK-70, in name, sits just below the MK-80, in reality it is closer to the MK-50 in features meaning that is does not have the integrated audio or USB ports like the MK-80/85, but unlike the MK-50, it…

QPAD Teams with HyperX for BF4 Bundles


For the launch of Battlefield 4, Kingston HyperX had teamed with QPAD for some gaming bundles with collector’s edition BF4 mousepads and ram and SSDs. There are two different sized BF4 mousepads and you can get either ram and the…

News for Sunday April 21st 2013


So I got me an HTC One! Yep it arrived this past Thursday but sadly I couldn’t figure out how to transfer my contacts from sim to micro sim especially since I was going from Windows Phone back to Android……