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We’ve Moved to a New Home!


So we’ve been quiet for a while, lack of posting sorry, but our server couldn’t handle it but as of about 20 minutes ago we’ve moved to a new hosting company. Dreamhost is now our new host, no more GoDaddy.…

ASUSTOR AS7004T NAS Server Review @ NikKTech


When i first started using and testing NAS (network attached storage) devices well over 5 years ago their specifications couldn’t compare to even the most entry level notebook and honestly back then there really was little need for anything more…

Introducing the Thecus i8500 iSCSI Storage Device


Storing, securing, and managing data is vital for virtually every business today. This is why companies require storage solutions that deliver on all of these fronts while remaining cost effective. For these users, Thecus® Technology, a worldwide leader in digital…