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News for Saturday December 7th 2013


Ok, time of the news again. Going to try and get it posted more often so it doesn’t build up like it did last time.. It’s just the regular news and reviews, nothing really sticks out for me, but you…

News for Wednesday October 9th 2013


Hello and happy Wednesday.. the big news this week is the AMD video card launch and I’ve got a lot of those reviews in the news for you today along with a nice assortment of everything else. So you go…

News for Tuesday July 2nd 2013


So it’s a holiday week here in the states, not much going on really, I know most people are taking extended vacations and such. I’m not, I’m here, I’m always here. I figured why not post the news now so…

News for Friday January 11th 2013


I thought we’d take a break from the CES news, sort of anyway as there’s plenty more inside from everyone else. Yes it’s time for the news from sites around the world and all of their CES coverage is included…

News for Saturday December 8th 2012


Happy Saturday! I’m tired, I  stayed up late last night playing Saints Row 3 and finished it actually, then my kids were up at 8am. It would be nice to sleep in on the weekends, but I guess with kids…

News for August 2nd 2012


Happy Thursday, it’s time for the news once again! In the news today we’ve got lots of reviews as usual, along with a few decent articles and a giveaway or two. As you can see we’ve been bust with reviews…

News for Tuesday May 8th 2012


The news just keeps flowing and flowing, so I’ve got more for you and I only hope that the since I post the news for others they post the news for us. It would be nice wouldn’t it? I don’t…

News for December 26th 2011


Hello all! I hope everyone had a great holiday and got all sorts of presents under the tree. it’s time though to get back to business, getting back into it slowly, but we’ll be rolling along shortly. I’ve got a…

News for December 7th 2011


Hello, hello! it’s time for the news once again from our friends around the world. There’s plenty of reviews in here along with a bit more. later I’ll have a couple more reviews from us and more news, but for…

News and Reviews for 11-15-09

Hello, hello… Just posting my unboxing review of the Espon Workforce printers to Viddler as I type this.. so the review of those will be up soon as well.. but here’s a bunch of news for our friends:

News and Reviews for 10-17-09

Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, though a lot of you probably aren’t even awake yet… So I guess I could say Good Morning! Anyway, here’s the news: