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News for Monday March 11th 2013


It’s been a long five days… my kids were supposed to have only four days off, Thursday to Sunday, but we got hit with a good ten inches of snow on Wednesday so they cancelled school! It’s hard to get…

News for Friday March 1st 2013


Hey look it’s March already!  I have to make up posting today for yesterday, I really didn’t sit down yesterday until about 10pm and by that point I was just tired and decided to just go to bed at that…

Review of X3i Micro Mobile Speakers


I’m back with another quick review for you, of a decent little product. Most MP3 players don’t have speakers and most phones has inadequate speakers so what’s a person to do? One thing you can do is get a set…

Review of Desk Dock for HTC TITAN


Our cellphones have become much more than something just to talk to people with, they’ve become a source of information and entertainment. Having your phone on your desk is nice, but having it visible in a dock say is even…

Tips and Bits from Mobile Fun


Mobile Fun is a company that specializes in sim free cell phones and accessories for phones, and every Friday they send over the latest product additions to their site for us to share with our readers. Mobile Fun is not…

News and Reviews for 12-19-09

Hmm… I woke up to about 5 inches of snow on my car today… they said at that point we only got 3 inches, but not where I am that’s for sure, we got more than that. There’s no much…

News and Reviews for 10-5-09

Well, I’ve got a few cool and interesting products on the way, and we’ll be starting back with video unboxings as well soon.. took a break basically. So here’s the news for today: