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Review of Wii to HDMI Converter


Technology is great but sometimes it just moves to fast I think. Most everything we have when it comes to video is HDMI, but some aren’t for whatever reason. One of those devices is the Wii, hopefully the new Wii…

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Comes to the Wii


Y’know, surprisingly, I’ve never played a Kirby game?! I’ve had a computer and/or gaming console since I was about 7 years old, and yes that’s a long time ago… The new Kirby though is one that I might have to…

Netflix Now Available as Wii Channel


Not that I use Netflix with my Wii, I use my Xbox 360 or Seagate FreeAgent Go Theater, but it’s nice to have the option and now that it’s disc-less life is much easier! Beginning today, Netflix members in the…