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Your brand name is what defines the identity of your business. With the growing use of the internet today, it’s very important to have an online presence. This includes having a website as well as different social media handles for your business. For this purpose, you need an apt name for your website.



Your website name should be similar to your brand name. It should be easy to remember and spell. Avoid using very long and complex names if you really want to draw traffic to your website. The main purpose of building your website is to generate awareness about your brand online. Find a good website name generator that will help you pick an ideal name for your website. This website name will be used and displayed across various platforms including social media and e-mails.

Here’s a list of website name generators that you can use for finding a good name for your website:


Nameboy is a website name generator that helps you find domain names based on the keywords that you input. You can add two keywords to get a set of possible website names. Nameboy easily points out the names that have already been taken and the ones which are not. It also shows which names are available for resale. You can also find hyphenated website names and those that rhyme.




Shopify offers a website name generator with the help of which you can look for domain names that are available for use. Shopify offers a streamlined process to not only find a website name but also check for its availability. You can start by looking up a keyword. You will then get a set of results on the basis of your keyword search. From these results, you can pick the ones that align with your business.




NameStall is another website name generator that you can rely on. NameStall gives you a tool that helps you filter by popular keywords, industry categories, basic English words and by parts of speech. You also have the option to put the keyword either in the beginning or the end of your domain name. You can also pick extensions for filters. Once you hit the search button, you will receive options that are available, that’s those which are not yet registered and those which are taken.

Name Mesh


Name Mesh is perfect for those who have several different keywords in mind. You can pick any two or three keywords and look these up in the search box. Once you search through this tool, you will find various website name ideas under categories like new, common, short, search engine optimized and similar. You can further filter all the results that you obtain by unregistered domains, length of the website name, and domain extensions.

Lean Domain Search

Lean domain search allows you to conduct a website name search with a single keyword. You will obtain hundreds of results in return, with the .com extension. You can use Lean Domain Search to filter your results by the alphabetical order, popularity, and length. You can then save favorite domain names based on your results and even share the results for your search with this tool. Moreover, you may also search your own ideas to check for their availability.


Panabee is a website name generator that lets you search for website names by putting in up to two keywords. It will also tell you if a website name has been taken up already. If you don’t find terms related to your website name search, Panabee will help you find other similar ones. This tool also helps you search for a name based on social media usage.

Name Station

On Name Station, you can start your own account for free with your Facebook or email account. You can use this tool to access the website name generator, an instant checker for the availability of website names, and suggestions for keywords. This tool comes with filters such as name length, extension, etc. You may also search for website names based on the industry with this tool.

Bust A Name

Bust A Name is a website name generator that comes with various different tools to filter your results. You can start with filtering by keywords you are looking for. Then, you can pick up options using ‘starts with’ and ‘ends with’  for your given keywords. You can filter on the basis of your character limit and on the basis of how natural you would want your domain name to look.

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