ASRock X99 OC Formula Motherboard Review @ TechnologyX

INFO:     In the past, overclocking has been seen as sort of “hacking” your hardware to run outside of the manufacturer’s specifications. This type of behavior would have been against the manufacturer’s wishes and likely void your warranty. However, today we live in a world of overclocking competitions and world records. Many of the very same companies that would have forbidden it in the past, now not only endorse it by sponsoring competitive teams, but design hardware tailored specifically to overclocking enthusiasts. This brings us to this report’s subject, the ASRock X99 OC Formula; a motherboard designed by top overclocker Nick Shih, who currently holds the world record for overclocking the Intel Core i7 5960X to a previously unheard of 6620.73 MHz, on this very motherboard.

LINK: asrock_x99_oc_formula_box