Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 800W Power Supply Unit Review @ NikKTech

I recall a time long ago when you would walk into a computer store and the only power supply units you’d find were low-cost OEM models which surprisingly enough would last long if you were lucky. Fast forward to today and if you visit a computer store chances are that you will find yourself in front of a wall of power supply units from a very large number of manufacturers, with power outputs ranging anywhere from 250W and up to 1500W and various 80 plus efficiency certifications. Low-cost OEM models do exist even today aimed towards casual users who don’t wish to spend much on one such device but today you can also find models that cost even more than a brand new laptop. Today with us however we have something more affordable and more specifically the latest offering by our friends over at be quiet! the Straight Power 10 800W power supply unit.

Article Link: straight_power_10_800wa