COUGAR 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review @ NikKTech

Back in the day the only thing a keyboard manufacturer really had to do in order to have a best-selling model in its hands was to offer one with high durability and in some cases an ergonomic design as its two main selling points (take for example the very successful Natural Keyboard by Microsoft released back in the mid 90’s). Today however things have changed a lot and so mainly because of the large increase in competition manufacturers have to offer much more than just good quality with their keyboards in order to attract buyers. The result we all know since the market is currently filled with keyboards featuring strange designs, slim designs, mechanical switches, new generation membrane switches, RGB key lightning, several macro keys, aluminum frames, detachable frames, LCD screens and in some cases even attached fans. Today on our test bench we have the latest flagship mechanical gaming keyboard by our friends over at COUGAR, the 700K.

Article Link: cougar_700ka

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