Dragon Age: Inquisition Reviewed And Benchmarked @ HotHardware

One of Dragon Age: Origins most prized features was the intricate, genuinely different backstories that each of the races and social classes came from — if you started DAO as a Mage, your first few hours of play were completely different then if you chose a Dalish Elf, Dwarf, or Human Noble. The game adroitly modeled both racism and prejudice — Dwarf Nobles treat the common folk as though they’re nonexistent, and Mages of any race are kept under tight control, for fear they will unleash havoc or fall prey to the demonic forces that lurk within the spirit world.

The sequel, Dragon Age II, was a vastly different game. Instead of a sprawling epic, BioWare focused its storytelling on the events within the city of Kirkwall. With Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare promised to return to the elements that made the series great, keep the excellent storytelling that was present in both predecessors, and offer a vast epic that would appeal to all players. And here’s the amazing thing: They actually pulled it off…