News and Review Roundup for June 18th 2009

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Hello, Hello! We’ve got a little bit of new today for you…

I had a rough night, here we got hit with severe thunderstorms and a tornado touched down about a mile from me.. fun-fun. We’ve got flooding all over the place, and many roads closed because of flooding and downed trees..  Thankfully all that happened to me was spotty power outages all night, didn’t get any work done, because the power kept going out like every ten minutes.. not fun at all. I do have one UPS backup, but I need to get another one, the second one I have can’t handle my computer, so I need a bigger one… Actually I think it’s time to invest in a whole house generator. There’s still 13,000 people in the area without power this morning, better than the 30,000 it was last night though…. anyway, that’s my news, now here’s the real news:

So we’ve got a couple power supply reviews out there today, the Topower PowerBird 900Watt over at Hardware Secrets and the Tuniq Ripper 1000Watt at BCChardware.

TweakTown has an analysis of the ATI catalyst 9.6 Vista driver and their looking at the ASRock ION 330-BD Nettop

HotHardware has a sitdown with Intel talking about Core i7, Computex and Westmere.

TechwareLabs is taking a look at the Enermax Phoenix Neo Aluminum Case, while has got the Western Digital 2tb Caviar HDD.

We’ve got two from ITReviewed, the HP iPAQ Voice Mssenger and the HP TouchSmart IQ830.

Benchmarks Reviews is taking a look a the QNAP TS-119 NAS Server and CPU3D is reviewing the Noctua NH-C12P CPU Cooler.

OCInside has an article about when your BIOS or OS doesn’t recognize all of your memory, and Hardware Secrets has a reference listing of all the Pentium Dual Core Models.

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