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Galaxy S6 Cases on Amazon

So, today was pretty much shot, had to go to post office, go food shopping and then I decided to stop at the bank to make a deposit. Normally this would be an easy thing, but my bank was just bought by another bank, but only it really wasn’t, so when I tried to make my deposit with the new slips they wouldn’t accept it. What happened was some of the branches were bought out by one bank and some by another, and of course they transferred my account to the wrong place. If I wanted to make a deposit I’d have to travel at least 30 minutes, instead of the normal two minutes it usually takes. Grr… so I ended up opening a new account at the same bank I was already banking at originally, I don’t understand it at all…  anyway, here’s the news:

Product Name  : PNY Attache 8 GB USB Flash Drive
Review Title : Huge capacity but could be faster!
Review  Link :

Red Dead Redemption First Look @ [OC]ModShop

Review URL ::

Title: Intel DP55KG Motherboard

Title: TechwareLabs Reviews the Crucial 128GB SSD Solid State Hard Drive

Title:  Speedlink Base Line USB Keyboard Review @ Verdis Reviews


TITLE: Seagate BlackArmor WS110 @ LanOC Reviews

HTC Hero Android Smartphone aka G2 branded T-Mobile UK

For more information, please visit –

Title: NZXT Panzerbox Classic Series Case
Link: introduces HCE, A Overclocking Competition Engine

Mainstream Quad-Core CPU Performance Comparison

Crucial (BL12864BA1608) DDR3 1600 Ballistix 2 gig Kit review @ XtremeComputing


Titel: Lian Li TR-5 Black

English translated by Babel Fish:
English translated by Google:

GIGABYTE GV-R489OC-1GD Radeon HD 4890 Video Card Review

TITLE: NORCO RPC-4020 4U Rackmount Server Case @ Benchmark Reviews


Active Media Products Executive I 2-in-1 Carbon Fiber Pen
For more information, please visit –

TMNT: Smash-Up Hands-On Preview @ [OC]ModShop

Review URL ::

Article Name: Eagle Arion ET-AR504LR-BK 2.1 Soundstage Speakers W/ Subwoofer Review @ Tweaknews
Article Url:

Title: SunbeamTech Tech-Station UV Case

How to Securely Erase your Hard Drive @ revHardware


Title: EVGA P55 LE Motherboard

VIZO Arius EX 3.5" HDD Rack and the link to the review is:

Title: Gelid Solutions GC-2 Thermal Compound Review @ Tech-Xtreme


Article link:

Article Link

Podcast link

Article Title – 12 Monkeys Blu-Ray Review @

Title: ECS P55H-A Black Series Motherboard

Tech Arkade has just published a review of the SkullCandy Asym headphones. Check it out here:

IntensaFire Xbox 360 Controller Mod @ [OC]ModShop

Review URL ::

AMD Eyefinity Drives Six 30-inch LCDs With One Graphics Card

Direct Link:

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