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Galaxy S6 Cases on Amazon

So, it’s Wednesday, the week is about half way over I guess… I got a request to review an interesting product that I think it’s about time someone came out with it, it’s a portable DVD player but it has an integrated TV tuner, USB ports and memory card slots.. it’s basically a portable entertainment center.. anyway, here’s the news:

Title – XTracPads Logic Mousepad Surface Video Review @
Link –

Quote “I am quite pleassantly suprised by these surfaces, as at first glance, they do look and feel a lot like lino, the type you’d put into your bathroom or toilet. I strangely found them very nice to use with little to no adjustments needed on my mouse, and a nice glide when using my mouse in photo editing as well as hardcore gaming.”

TITLE: GELID GC-Extreme Thermal Paste Review @ Vortez Hardware


“GELID is a company that was founded only a year ago but amongst the array of companies out there, it has managed to build up a reputable name for itself in the cooling department, a successful feat in itself. With their latest thermal compound offering, they are hoping to dethrone the market leaders such as Arctic Cooling and Tuniq to become a household name amongst enthusiasts. Can GELID’s GC-Extreme really live up to its name? Let’s find out..”


Title: Asus EeeBox B204 System Review @

Briefing: When the Asus Eee PC was launched into stores, the low spec’d, portable and budget notebook took the tech world by storm. Its upgradability and low price tag meant that it was the perfect budget notebook solution for many. Asus is back, back with a desktop equivalent to the Eee PC. Introducing the Asus Eee Box…


Subject: Installing an Intel 1366 Core i7 LGA Processor @ Ninjalane

TITLE: Flip UltraHD @ LanOC Reviews
DESCRIPTION: Ever sense Sony introduced Betamax there has been some variation of a camcorder device on the market. Over the past 8 years most of those devices have started to move to recording to digital media hard drives, flash cards, and even saving digital files on small dvd’s. With the popularity of YouTube and other video websites the demand for cheap, easy to use, and portable recording devices has grown. In 2007, Pure Digital Technologies Unveiled the Flip Video. Over the past two years they have released a few different versions, most recently their Flip Ultra HD. With the ability to record 120 minutes of high definition video the Ultra HD will be a great fit with YouTube’s HD upgrade. I had the chance to take the Flip UltraHD with me to Million Man Lan in Louisville Ky this past weekend, this gave me a chance to experience the UltraHD’s portability and performance.

NEW CONTENT (Cases, Cooling and PSU) – Lian Li PC-B70 Full Tower Case
QUOTE: “When I first got into overclocking my computers, my decisions were based on looks with effectiveness in mind, but noise was a distant concern with my purchases. Years of coolers maxed at 100% for cooling effectiveness took their toll on me and members of my various VOIP servers. I had a rig that was jokingly referred to as a GE 120. For those who don’t know, that is a jet engine developed by General Electric. So now you get a feel for what I was dealing with.
Time progressed and I pushed a lot of my hardware close to death, but I have lost the urge to run my PC at breakneck speeds. With this decision, I noticed how much quieter my computer could run and got really accustomed to it. I have had some of the quietest coolers for CPU’s and GPU’s but I always overlooked the benefits of what a chassis could do to aid in this search for silence. Lian Li is offering us just that, a chassis based on the quest to make your PC as quiet as physically possible.”

For more information, please visit –

Title: Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard @ Techgage

Title: NZXT Cryo S Aluminum Notebook Cooler Review at CCE Reviews

Article link:


ATI Radeon HD 4730 CrossFire @ InsideHW

TitleXigmatek NRP-PC502 500W PSU Review

Summary: Not too long ago, I looked at a low powered Xigmatek unit that did a pretty good job of being a budget power supply and yet still being decent quality, the No Rules Power PC501. Folks, it seems that Xigmatek wasn’t entirely happy with the 501, for today I have in my hands the 502. It promises to be a more efficient, environmentally friendly version of the older 501.

Will it impress or depress? Let’s find out.

Articles URL:

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Title: Cooler Master UCP 700W Power Supply Review
Link: has posted their review of the NZXT Cryo S Laptop Cooler.  Below is a direct quote from the review:

“There are all sorts of laptop coolers on the market, but has only seen a few of them. Back in February of last year, our reviewer Frank Stroupe had a chance to check out NZXT’s high end, aluminum laptop cooler, the Cryo LX, which fits up to 19” wide-screen laptops. NZXT was born into the case market, so designing for style on top of functionality is the name of their game. This design process proved thoughtful and effective as the Cryo LX earned our seal of approval. Today, NZXT is at it again, as I have a look at their Cryo S aluminum laptop cooler.”

Direct Link:

A-DATA S805 Flash Drive


Silverstone Sugo Series SG04 Case Review @ High Tech Reviews
Quote – When Silverstone first introduced the Small Form Factor SG04
case the thing that everyone remembered was the Humpback Whale
aluminum handle that was formed into the top of the case. That is
long gone as is the old style side-panels whereas the new ones are
plain brushed aluminum void of any openings or windows. So come on
along as we check this very nice SFF case out.
Link –

Gigabyte Lynnfield P55 Motherboard Sneak Peeks:

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