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July is here and I’m sure everyone is eagerly anticipating the coming long weekend…

So what do we have for you today, news on our front, not much has changed since the last update really… Been playing with the news Acer Aspire One, you can check out the video unboxing over at our Viddler account, but I should have the review done late next week… I’ve got a couple more netbooks on the way actually, supposedly arriving tomorrow and Friday, so I’ll have to get my tests done quickly I guess.. so far though, I really like the Aspire One, it’s very ligthweight, and very thin, about one inch thick, and it’s surprisingly fast for an Intel Atom processor running Windows XP..

Don’t forget our contest this week to win either the NZXT Beta Case or NZXT Avatar mouse:


And on to the news:

Title: Arctic Cooling Freezer XTREME Rev.2 CPU Cooler Review @

Briefing: Manufactures of the highly popular Arctic Silver 5, Arctic Cooling are definitely not a manufacturer unknown to computer cooling solutions. One range of product which Arctic Cooling is significantly growing its product base in is CPU coolers. Today we’ll be reviewing the latest processor cooler to enter their product portfolio, the Arctic Cooling Freezer XTREME. Let’s see how ‘xtreme’ this cooler really is…


We have posted a new article, ‘Dell Adamo 1.2GHz’
The Article can be viewed at

NEW CONTENT (Video Cards) – ASUS Radeon HD 4890 Voltage Tweak Graphics Card
QUOTE: “The Voltage Tweak model from ASUS is something we’ve heard about for a while now. The idea behind it is that ASUS gives the user even more control of the card when it comes to overclocking. Not only do you have the ability to overclock the standard clocks like memory and core, but you also have the ability to adjust the voltage.
You may be wondering what this exactly means; it gives you the ability to adjust the voltage to higher levels which in turn gives you the ability to run the card at even higher speeds, much like you do with a CPU where adding more voltage gives you the ability to obtain higher clock speeds.”

For more information, please visit –

Stabilizing your memory overclock on Core i7 platform
“In today’s short article, we’ll have a look at the effect of just one memory timing, the Back-to-Back Cas Delay timing, which seems to be one of the more important timings both performance and stability-wise. If you’re looking for a solution for your high-frequency capable memory kit, performance increase with low-frequency memory or stabilizing high BCLK/high memory … this is something for you.”

TITLE: SilverStone MFP51 Multi-Media LCD Display @ LanOC Reviews

DESCRIPTION: Desktop computers have an inherent flaw in that, short of custom modding jobs, most PCs end up looking fairly similar.  Most cases are black and nondescript, with only a portion of people opting for case windows to show off their hardware. And if you have a store bought rig, forget creativity – there are thousands of people with the same exact computer.  So the question is, what makes a specific build unique?  What it boils down too are all the little features and touches that the end consumer may opt for over one another.  Accessories play a large part of this picture. One person might decide they need a fan controller, whereas another might have a use for an all in one memory card reader.  In the end these people are able to claim difference from one another in form and function.  VFDs are one of the more interesting computer accessories, providing visual information via a small screen.  This is not unlike having a small monitor attached to your computer at all times. Its worthy to note that the term VFD actually is an acronym for the technology used in older devices, and has become a catch-all term for them in general.  Most newer VFDs actually utilize LCD technology for a crisper viewing experience. Many case manufacturers include mediocre old VFDs with their htpc cases but quality new ones usually have to be purchased separately.  SilverStone makes such a VFD, the MFP51 LCD Media Display, which they kindly sent to us to try out…

TITLE: Cooler Master Notepal D1 @ LanOC Reviews

DESCRIPTION: A while back, Cooler Master sent us the Notepal Infinite, a notebook cooling solution to cover wider-screened models, sporting a self-claimed 17 degree difference. Recently, we received the new Notepal D1, a turn around of its sister product, per say. Designed specifically for increased mobility, the D1 is only about half as long as any laptop and wide enough to fit a standard size model. Sure, smaller is always better when it comes to those of constantly on the go, but how does it actually stack up against other notebook coolers, specifically the elder Infinite?

TITLE: Antec ISK300-65 Mini-ITX HTPC Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews

DESCRIPTION: Benchmark Reviews recently called on the Antec ISK300-65 Mini-ITX HTPC computer case to complete our NVIDIA ION Home Theater PC project. The lightweight mITX case offers a 65W power supply and room for a slim optical drive and 2.5″ SSD or HDD. The Antec ISK300 fits two 80mm fans along the side, which help exhaust heated air out of the enclosure. Enthusiast can stand the ISK300 case upright, allowing this HTPC enclosure to fit nicely beside other entertainment center electronics.


Top Spin 3 – 360 Review

Date: 06-30-2009 By Vlad Mihaiescu

Where Top Spin 3 has Virtua Tennis 2009 strait out beaten is in the gameplay and controls department. With a little practice and determination you can pull off some amazing moves in Top Spin 3. Slices, drop-shots, spin shots and bullets, the controls in Top Spin 3 act very well and will allow you to play some beautiful tennis. On the other hand, the online community is much more up-and-happening in Virtua Tennis 2009. So if you like arcade-style competition across the Internet, Virtua Tennis 2009 might be the correct choice. Personally, I prefer Top Spin 3; I like the realism and the complexity of the controls. However, I do miss all the side games that are available in Virtua Tennis.


Macbook Pro Kingston SSDNow 80 GB SSD + RAM Upgrade Review

Author: Elric Phares Date: 06-30-2009

Hello everyone, today we post our very first video review based on upgrading a 13” Macbook Pro Laptop with and 80GB Kingston SSD and 4 GB of Crucial DDR3 8500 1066Mhz memory. This was a fun review to do as it takes us in a different direction than the standard written reviews you are used to seeing on Thanks for all your support, we hope you enjoy this new video review format.

Review Link:

Title: Seventeam ST-750P-AF Power Supply Review
Category: Reviews
Seventeam is slowly entering the US market and ST-750P-AF is one of the few products from them available around here. Is it a good product? Can it deliver its labeled power? Check it out.
Here is a snippet:
“Seventeam is slowly entering the US market and ST-750P-AF is one of the few products from them available around here. Is it a good product? Can it deliver its labeled power? Check it out.”

Title: Rocketfish 550 W Power Supply Review
Category: Reviews
Rocketfish is one of the house brands from Best Buy and recently they released a new 550 W power supply. Let’s see if this unit will survive our tests.
Here is a snippet:
“The electronics store chain Best Buy has several house brands and two of them are used for computer components: Dynex and Rocketfish. We have already reviewed Dynex 400 W power supply and Rocketfish 700 W power supply. While the models we reviewed a while ago were manufactured by Huntkey, Best Buy decided to hire a different company for their 550 W model: CWT. They also replaced Huntkey as the manufacturer for their 700 W model, so the 700 W model you find now on stores today (labeled “RF-700WPS2″) is manufactured by CWT, not by Huntkey anymore. Let’s see if this new 550 W power supply survives our tests.”

Title – Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound Video Review @

Link –

Quote “Lately we’ve been looking at a few different thermal compounds and this time up we’re looking at one aimed at the high end user and overclocker so we should be expecting better results than the premium thermal compounds that most consumers buy.

We compare this extreme thermal paste with offerings from Arctic Silver and Noctua.”

Title: Vizo Saturno 2.5″ External HDD Enclosure Review @

Briefing: Recently, it has become common for many people to have an external hard drive enclosure, these generally speaking have been purchased with the HDD already installed for a greater price than an enclosure and a HDD. This means that there is money to be saved by buying the components separately and fitting them yourself. With that in mind I introduce the Vizo Saturno.


Sapphire HD 4730 512 MB


Sapphire’s new HD 4730 is based on the RV770 GPU which is used on the HD 48xx Series. Such a choice had to be made because the availability of the HD4770 GPU is extremely limited at this time – while customer demand is up. Sapphire offers their card with 640 shaders and 512 MB GDDR5 memory at an extremely competitive price point of only $79. But is that enough to take over that market segment?

Title: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 Review on Technic3D


Translation Link:

Quote: “The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 arrived Technic3D. Up to a 30-foot range and less clutter on your desktop. Microsoft BlueTrack Technology combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface. Easily access programs in the taskbar with convenient keyboard hot keys. Applications can be easily rearranged by clicking and dragging, and the keys will automatically adapt to the new location. Technic3D will see the functions in the following Review.”

TITLE: Seagate Savvio and Constellation hard drives @ LanOC Reviews
DESCRIPTION: Recently I have been toying with the idea of using business class hardware in gaming PC’s to boost reliability and performance. We had a chance to look at Seagate’s ES.2 line of hard drives recently and found them to perform well in multi drive situations along with great reliability. Even though their performance was good, it wasn’t the extreme solution I was looking for. Seagate recognized that and sent me a trio of drives designed to complement each other in a server environment with high speed and high capacity storage. Today I will be taking a look at the Savvio 15K.2, Savvio 10K.2, and Constellation. All three are Serial Attached SATA drives in the 2.5inch form factor, perfect for packing them into small servers or in our case packing them into already packed gaming rigs.

“Whether you are sole trader or have a small, medium or large business and you want to run an e-mail marketing campaign, GroupMail would be an ideal choice. This software looks nice, is easy to use, and has all the essential features. It also boasts newsletter creating capabilities and its superior list handling easily takes care of possible issues like subscribe/unsubscribe, removals, deletes bounced e-mail addresses and so on. The software comes with many free plug-ins/add-ons which bring in nice features like automatic bounce handling, taking care of address violation issue, and many more things like that, and it can even send a 2-part MIME message for those recipients who can’t read HTML mails in their mail box. Its database integration capability is also probably the best in industry. If you need to manage an e-mail newsletter and don’t want to go with an online solution, this is your tool. The only downside is that GroupMail is a local program that resides on your PC. While this could also be considered an advantage to some, the software does use a large amount of system resources to send personalised e-mails to thousands of recipients. As a result you might want to use a separate computer solely for newsletter management, or send your newsletters at night when you won’t be using your PC.

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