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It’s time for the news from our friends, and we’ve got quite a bit of it including a lot of CeBit 2010 coverage as well.. I received the new MSI Wind 12 for review along with an Acer Aspire laptop that features a Core2Duo and a touch screen.. very nice indeed, loving that whole touch screen experience! Continue on for the news:


Storage Related:

Thecus N7700 Pro 7 Drive NAS Server
QUOTE: "Thecus has their own history of Tick Tock behavior with their NAS servers. In April 2009 we reviewed the Thecus N7700 and found it to be an exciting product that was a step above the more consumer focused N5200 Pro while also being worthy of our highest award, the TweakTown Editors Choice. Since that time we reviewed the QNAP TS-809 Pro TurboNAS and found it to be able to transfer data faster with its faster processor (Core 2 Duo compared to the N7700’s Celeron M) and more memory.
Thecus’ answer to the flagship QNAP unit is now here, the N8800 Pro and N7700 Pro. The new Pro model of the 7700 features a Core 2 Duo processor and 4GB of memory. All of that pales in comparison to what came next. For the first time ever a product in this price category has an option to use a 10GbE data connection."

For more information, please visit –



Kingston SSDNow V-Series 30GB Solid State Boot Drive Review @

Review URL:

Quote: “Upgrading from a normal hard drive to a solid state drive can be quite expensive and for most people it really does not make that much sense. Solid state capacities are getting larger, but that just brings the price of the drives up even higher. Kingston wants to help people out who want to take advantage of the blazing speeds of solid state drives, but don’t want to break the bank. They have just released the SSDNow V-Series 30GB solid state boot drive. This drive will retail at around $100 and will allow you to load your operating system and applications on it for fast load times, and then you can just put all of your media on a normal SATA drive. This is a great upgrade option for people looking to get a solid state drive, but might not have that much extra money for one."


WD SiliconEdge-Blue Solid State Drive @ Benchmark Reviews

DESCRIPTION: Western Digital has been the leading name in consumer storage technology since the early 1970’s. Just in time for their 40th anniversary, the WD SiliconEdge-Blue Solid State Drive debuts as the first consumer SSD they’ve ever offered. Based on the JMicron JMF612 SATA-3Gbps SSD processor, the SiliconEdge-Blue promises 250/170Mbps read and write transfers with 5000-4KB IOPS. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the WD SiliconEdge-Blue SSD, 256GB model SSC-D0256SC-2100, against a myriad of high-performance solid-state enthusiast storage devices.




Kingston SSDNow V Series 30GB Boot Drive
Quote: Why would Kingston be coming out with a 30GB SSD boot drive if they already have a 40GB for sale? Without providing TRIM or garbage collection, Kingston scrapped the product and wanted to produce something the community was asking for. The 30GB boot drive was born with a new controller and slightly better specs.


Corsair Dominator GT PC3-12800 DDR3 Dual Channel Kit Review
"There are two things you should take into consideration when choosing what memory to upgrade to – the first is overall speed which is sometimes called data rate. Such as the kit we are going to look at today – 1600MHz. The faster this is the larger the bandwidth and thus better overall performance. The second is latency, which is often overlooked by consumers. You may well have fast rated memory modules but if the latency timings are high bandwidth could experience issues. Today we take a look at Corsair’s Dominator GT series, a DDR3 dual channel kit designed specifically for the AMD platform. This kit has some pretty tight timings and is reasonably rated and since Corsair are one of the main players in the high performance memory marketplace it will be interesting to see how these modules perform a little later on."


A-DATA N002 USB 3.0 and SATA II 128GB SSD Review

The interesting thing about the A-DATA N002 drive is it is one of the first USB 3.0 devices on the market, as well as a SATA drive. This opens possibilities for the end-user of using the N002 as an external USB 3.0 OR SATA to move files from one computer to another fast. The drive showed excellent performance across the spectrum of benchmarks that we use on both the USB and SATA interface, actually scoring higher than some of the other SSD drives we have tested. These are a good indication of sustained read and write performance across a wide variety of programs. A-DATA has taken the concept of the SSD drive and driven it with a new feature that allows it to be used on motherboards with USB 3.0 ports or an expansion card that adds it to the motherboard and does it well. The A-DATA N002 is not available online as of yet but gets a Hot Product award due to its excellent feature set and high performance. Look for it to sell in the $299.00 to $349.00 US price range.

Review Link:


Kingston 128GB V Series Notebook Upgrade Kit Review

Kingston thought of everything when it comes to designing an SSD drive for the notebook market at large. The drive has adequate performance, but it is primary designed to slide into the enclosure and work as an external drive hooked up through the USB interface which allows up to 480Mb/s of bandwidth between the two devices. The SATA 2 interface is not necessary as the bundle includes an enclosure to work with notebook PCs that have limited expansion bays and may not fit an SSD drive internally .At the end of the day, the Kingston Notebook Replacement drive is a SSD drive with all of the positives you could want and is available online for under $300 making it a good fit for those wanting a SSD drive without paying the high price of some others on the market that may offer higher performance but cost more. The Kingston 128GB Notebook Upgrade Kit is available at most e-tailors and many PC DYI centers.

Review Link:


LaCie Network Space 2 Review
"Of all the tech appliances you might want to prominently display, a mundane network attached storage device probably falls about 78th on most people s lists, right after VoIP desk phones and before network switches. LaCie s Network Space 2 may change that. The attractive 1TB NAS sports an exterior design as clean and intuitive as the software that runs it. As we found out, it s also just as basic as its shape but entry-level consumers might not mind the lack of high-end features or Formula One performance."
Link to the review:





Audio/ Video:


Samsung PN58B650 58 Inch Plasma TV Review @ Tweaknews
Article Url:

Article Snippet:"The Samsung PN58B650 is one of those products that can be a little confusing to sum up in a couple paragraphs. For one, this TV is quite a bit cheaper than the higher end 850 series model, but other than the dimensions, it has a better overall visual viewing experience."



EOS wireless loudspeaker system @ TechwareLabs

Quote: More and more great music is being transmitted to you via the web, break out of your browser and together with the EOS loudspeaker system you can fill your house with sound.


, ‘Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP8 ‘
An ultra-compact camera that delivers great performance.



Arctic Cooling E361-WM Headphones:
English link:
Swedish link:–sammanfattning.aspx
Quote:  Arctic Cooling is well known of their coolers. Their newest product isn’t a cooler, but headphones. We will take a look at their E361-WM headphones which are built to be portable gaming headphones. How will they perform against similarly priced Koss and Sennheiser headphones? Let’s have a look!


ARCTIC COOLING Arctic Sound E352 Earphones Review
"It’s always interesting to see companies venture in other areas other than those that they have been specialising for awhile. Take ARCTIC COOLING for example. For years, this Swiss company has become synonymous with quality cooling devices, such as fans, CPU and VGA coolers, and computer cases. Recently, ARCTIC COOLING has expanded in various domains including game consoles, audio devices and, even, rechargeable batteries!




Laptops/Netbooks Etc:

MSI Wind Box Intel Atom 330 NetTops @ Phoronix
Direct Link:
Summary: "Through Phoromatic you can easily build a benchmarking test farm with minimal effort and combined with Phoromatic Tracker you can monitor the performance of a given software or hardware component over the course of time. We used our own tools to launch a Linux kernel tracker that monitors the performance of the very latest Linux kernel code on a daily basis at We are also announcing another new, important public tracker coming soon, but first off, we needed a few more low-powered Intel Atom systems. We ended up purchasing two MSI Wind Box NetTops (the 6667BB-003US and 6667BB-004US) that are both based around an Intel Atom 330 dual-core processor within a very low-profile enclosure. The MSI 6667BB-003US utilizes Intel GMA 950 graphics while the 6667BB-004US boasts an ATI Radeon HD 4330 graphics processor. Here is our Linux look at these two Intel nettop computers."


ASUS EAH 5850 TOP DirectCU


ASUS has released what seems to be one of the best custom designed HD 5850s. The card which supports DirectX 11 and Eyefinity is extremely quiet, offers better price/performance than the AMD reference design, comes with an overclock out of the box and supports voltage control via SmartDoctor.


ViewSonic ViewBook Pro VNB131S 13.3-inch Notebook
QUOTE: "ViewSonic is most known for its range of TVs, PC displays and digital picture frames. The company has been making all sorts of computer displays for years now and has just started branching out into the notebook arena. Interestingly, the ViewSonic ViewBook Pro at first glance doesn’t look like a freshman offering.
In fact, if you look at the ViewSonic ViewBook Pro too quickly, you might actually mistake the thing for an Apple MacBook Pro. The minimalist design, silver on black colors and elegant looks of the machine certainly appeal to the same senses that draw many to the MacBook line."

For more information, please visit –


Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904 Laptop Review:

If you could design your own laptop in an effort to have the perfect balance of performance, price, size, weight, and features, what would you include and what could you live without? As part of its Blue Label program, Best Buy asked that question of its customers–accepting as much feedback as its customers could give and then channeling that information back to the laptop manufacturers it partners with. The ensuing results of this feedback now manifest themselves in the three current Best Buy Blue Label exclusive laptop offerings: the Dell Studio s15Z-2249CPN, Sony Vaio VPCS11FM/S, and Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904.



Everki Camber Laptop/Netbook Bag @ TechwareLabs

Quote: Looking for a carrying case for your netbook? Take a close look at EVERKI has to offer with their Camber 7” – 13” case. Sure, there are endless companies on the market today to choose from, but not too many have carrying bags for netbooks. The Camber from EVERKI is one that really stood out among others while attending CES 2010. Let’s take a closer look at the Camber to see why were excited to review it for you.


Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop Review:

For the last couple of years, Dell’s foray into the small-form-factor desktop market was its successful mini-tower (with the emphasis on "mini") Studio Hybrid. But with Dell’s latest small-form-factor entry, the Inspiron Zino HD, out goes the vertical mini-tower and in comes the horizontal square–7.8-inches wide by 7.8-inches deep to be exact, and a mere 3.4-inches tall. Like the Studio Hybrid (which Dell still sells), the Inspiron Zino HD (a.k.a. the Inspiron 400) is a solid little machine, with decent mainstream performance, and geared towards budget-minded consumers. Similar to how you could change the Studio Hybrid’s looks by swapping out different-colored sleeves, the Inspiron Zino HD can switch personality with the snap of new color or pattern lid. Of course, other than the default "Piano Black" lid, you’ll have to pay extra for any of the Inspiron Zino HD’s other color ($15 each) or pattern ($30) lids. And with a starting price of $249, the Inspiron Zino HD can give any number of nettop PCs a run for their money…


‘HP dv6-1390ev Notebook review’
Good performance- but its big and heavy with a lower-than-average battery life.
The Full Article can be viewed at



Asus G73J: The Ultimate Gaming Notebook @ InsideHW

The G73J is the ultimate gaming machine, with no performance bottlenecks whatsoever.
Article link:


‘Alienware M11x Notebook Review’
Its a hallmark moment for the Alienware family with the arrival of their new baby.
The Full Article can be viewed at



Everki Beacon Laptop/Notebook Backpack @ TechwareLabs

Quote: Everki sends us the largest bag in their lineup, the Beacon backpack. Join Will as he sees if this backpack is up to the "road warrior" lifestyle.





Assorted Stuffs:

March Giveaway Contest – Win a free XO Skin for your cell phone or MP3 player!
"The giveaway contest starts on March 5th and ends on March 21st.  We’ll be giving away 3 XO Skins for cell phones or MP3 players. In addition to skins for popular phones such as the iPhone, Nexus One, Blackberry Curve, Storm, Pearl and others, XO also offers a wide range of choices with skins for other cell phones and MP3 players."


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum v5.9 Giveaway
Contest Entry Details URL :
Quote : "You likes free stuff… right? Of course you do! So we are holding our very first contest. That’s right, we are giving away 10 licenses for WinX DVD Ripper Platinum v5.9. "WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip the content of DVDs to all popular video formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, etc. What’s more, it also owns the ability of ripping different DVDs (including encrypted DVDs) to Sony PSP, Apple iPhone, iPod, iTouch, Apple TV, Zune, Mobile phone, etc." You can get more information about it here. We would like to thank our friends at Digiarty Software who were nice enough to give us 10 licenses to giveaway."


Brother HL-3070CW LED Printer Review at CCE Reviews
Quote: The HL-3070CW delivers a very high quality black and white or color print perfect for the small office or at home. The overall print speed of 17ppm is fast enough for regular use without breaking the bank. I would have really liked to see the printer bundled with automatic duplex printing. However, the HL-3070CW does feature wireless print capability allowing you to store this printer anywhere there is a power outlet.


A Deep Dive Into Thecus NAS Software
QUOTE: "Testing NAS servers is a complicated and time consuming task. For the most part modern NAS products are computers in their own right with some using Intel Core2 Duo processors with 4GB of RAM. When writing a NAS review it is easy to focus on the hardware and capabilities, but often the software, applications and setup functionality take a back seat even though these functions are in many cases just as important as the hardware used.
To help ease the strain on both the reader and the writer, today we are going to cover the latest firmware / software release from Thecus. In a couple of days we will also publish a similar article covering the QNAP firmware / software since these are the two companies that send us a sample every other month and also have such extensive software. We plan to keep these available as living documents with updates published throughout the coming years."

For more information, please visit –


Batterygate II: Exposing Fakes @ MobilityDigest

In my war against crappy cell phone batteries I’ve been dying to dig into the whole Chinese bathtub battery world as doing so could yield more effective and actionable information to use to shake things up and blow off lids than just fighting on the eBay feedback front would offer. But that’s a dark place you may not find on Google (or Pamela) to get access to and information about, one thing I’m hoping HTC can give me if they take my little email seriously. I want them to help me help them help me help you patronize the right people, you dig? That could take a while so I want to hand some of this off to you in case you ever buy a battery on eBay, either a counterfeit OEM, a crappy battery or a crappy counterfeit battery, as one of you might be able, with the right footwork, to crack their Great Wall of Cell Phone Accessory Secrecy. By they I mean China obviously. And Hong Kong and Singapore too at least have some peripheral involvement but we’re dealing with, primarily and as usual, China.





CeBit 2010 Coverage:

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Coverage from BCCHardware:

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