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Hello all, Happy Sunday, it’s anew week and it’s time for the news! Fist off let me remind you we’re doing a giveaway over on our Facebook page, you can find details about it HERE.  That’s running until October 10th, so you’ve got plenty of time to get in on that one. I’ve got a computer from HP here for review, along with the Seagate 3tb GoFlex drive and a couple games and some other stuff. Let’s just get into the news..


Storage related:


Corsair F40 SSD Review – 40 GB as a bargain
Teaser: With the Corsair F40 from the Force Series customers will also come with a very tight budget to enjoy a SSD. Is it worth it?
Link: 10[1]

Kiwi U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger Review @

Review URL: 4189tg4[1]

Thermaltake Massive23 LX Notebook Cooler
Quote: " When it comes to notebook coolers, most manufacturers stick to the smaller sizes of notebooks. They rarely expand their range to support notebooks larger than 15.6 inch models. Those with larger laptops are usually left out in the cold. They are forced to either stick with whatever internal cooling system their laptops have or come up with DIY solutions. Thermaltake sees the market for full-size notebook coolers. The Massive23 LX targets this market. "
Link: intro[1]

Trendnet TEW-691GR Router:
English link:  thumbs_izod-hp174[1]

HP Invites us to the Indy Car Race in Homestead Miami @ TechwareLabs

Quote: When fast cars need to get faster engineers turn to manufacturers like HP and get equipped with the latest in high performance computing. The result. . . a 220MPH race car with real time telemetry recording data from over 100 sensors. Take a ride with us as we look at just how the engineers at Luczo Dragon Racing team are using this technology.


HotHardware Video Podcast – October 1, 2010–October-1-2010/

We’re back for the latest installment of our weekly video podcast. In this episode, we talk about Zotac’s sleek, new, Blu-Ray equipped ZBox nettop, malware riddled GPUs (not really!), the OCZ IBIS high-performance solid state drive, and RIM’s upcoming Blackberry Playbook tablet. We also take a couple of reader questions, talk about Valve’s upcoming DLC for L4D1 and L4D2, hint at new contest and more…


Gigabyte GOOC2010 World Final

After the several regional qualifiers it was time to put the best 15 overclockers head to head for the ultimate showdown. After USA Fugger from XS had won in 2009, who will be crowned as to be the best Gigabyte World Champion in 2010 ? Due to the qualification of our beloved Massman, apparently known as Tom Cruise in Taiwan, I was allowed to accompany him as Press for this OC event in Taipei. After packing my bags I was off on a 10K journey to the mother of all hardware places, Taipei in Taiwan.


SimpliSafe Security System Review @ DIY-Guides

Quote:  Today for review I’ve got a great product to help protect you and yours from a company called SimpliSafe. It’s an alarm system yes, but it’s unique in that it doesn’t use phone lines but cellular signals, so someone can’t cut the line when it tries to call for help. The system is made to be portable and you own it, you don’t rent it like you do with some other security companies. One of the best features about this system is the price, actually two prices. You’ll pay for the system, it’s relatively inexpensive and you own it forever, but if you want police dispatch you’ll need to pay as monthly fee as well that’s only $14.99.  That price is well below what other companies charge on a monthly basis. SimpliSiafe sent me over what they call their Apartment Security System, but it of course can be used for your home as well, so let’s get into this already…



Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference @

Article URL:

Quote: “During this last week, I recently was lucky enough to attend a Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference, which I’ll hereafter refer to as GTC. GTC was focused primarily on Programming Nvidia’s GPU processors that are installed in several lines of their video cards. The most common & recognized by many is the GeForce line of graphic cards, made more for the average consumers & game enthusiasts. The next line of cards discussed at GTC was the Quadro cards, with more of a tool for visualization industry, including design and animation. The final card discussed at their show was the Tesla cards, made specifically for parallel computing and to take advantage of the many cores prevalent in the GPU processor architecture."


How To Access Your Computer Anywhere With Remote Desktop @ TechwareLabs

Quote: What do you do if you need to access a document on your home machine while you’re out on the road? You simply remote into it. This guide shows you how to set up Remote Desktop on your home computer so you can access your files from anywhere in the world.




Gaming Related:

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Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

Civilization V GPU & CPU Performance In-depth

Review: Hydrophobia

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Quick Links:

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