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I hate trying to type with a bandage on my finger, it just doesn’t work. I’ve got a little tiny cut on the tip of my finger, I took the bandage off as it stopped bleeding but now every key press just hurts and I’m making all kinds of mistakes. Anyway, let’s take a break from the CES stuff for the news from our friends around the world.


Storage Related:

Hardware Bistro has just posted latest review on Kingston SSDNow V+ 180 64GB Review.

Quote: "The Most common form factor for SSD (Solid State Drive) in the market is the 2.5" size but SSD does come with other form factors as well such as 3.5", 1.8", PCIe, mini PCIe, USB and etc. Today we have a chance to have a quick review on Kingston SSDNow V+ 180; a 1.8" SSD which is suitable for compact or small size performance laptop."

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GeIL EVOTWO, Patriot Sector 5: Ever Cheaper and Ever Faster DDR3 @ InsideHW

Summary: However, take these results (or lack thereof) with a grain of salt, since both memories are working at very high clocks by default.
Article link:


Kingwin DM-2356 Dockmaster II Review @ Virtual-Hideout

Review link:

Quote: "Consumers who like to upgrade their computer(s) often, or even upgrade once for that matter, have a need for a product like the one I’m about to show you here. Have you ever had a computer crash on you and you lost all your data? Sucks huh? There is nothing more gut-wrenching then losing a decade’s worth of your irreplaceable children’s pictures because you didn’t take the few minutes once in a while to back them up. Backing up one’s data is of the utmost importance for today’s consumers. So much of our lives have gone digital, with pictures probably ranking first on the list for non-replaceable data. Sure you could burn a bunch of CD’s or DVD’s (or even blu-rays now), but that is not nearly as configurable as a hard drive of some sort."


TechwareLabs Review: Seagate Momentus 750GB 2.5 Hard Drive

Quote: Would you like additional storage in your laptop or netbook? Of course you do who doesn’t. Seagate has you in mind with the release of its latest Momentus hard drive which extends your storage to a massive 750GB. Will this new storage be a bargain blockbuster? Read our review to find out.
LINK: TechwareLabs Review: Seagate Momentus 750GB 2.5 Hard Drive


Quick Review: Lite-On iHAS524 DVD Writer
QUOTE: "ROM drives don’t seem to move forward as fast as a lot of other technology we look at, but today we’re looking at the iHAS524 which carries with it some serious numbers that could no doubt break the speed barrier when it comes to ROM usage.
On the specifications front we’ve got a 24x DVD write speed and 16x DVD write speed for Dual Layer disks. ReWrite speeds come in at 8x for + disks and 6x for – while read time for DVDs is 16x."





Audio / Video:

, ‘Sennheiser PC 163D Headphones Review’
The Full Article can be viewed at


Quick Review: OHKI 42-inch Full HD 120Hz LED TV

QUOTE: "You can be forgiven if you haven’t heard of the name OHKI before, with the company only just appearing recently. We’re here today to tell you whether or not this is a company you should be keeping an eye out for. With an online only structure to the business, the idea is that they’re able to cut out any middleman and in turn offer you the best deal possible. Currently the company is only selling one product and that’s the 42" LED TV we’re looking at today.
Inside the package you’re not going to find any surprises. We’ve got the TV itself where the power cable is connected to it. Along with that we’ve got a remote, manual and stand. Like most LED based TVs, the box is quite thin as the stand isn’t connected. Fortunately the install is pretty easy and being an LCD TV you can just turn it over and screw in half a dozen screws to attach the stand."


Corsair SP2500 Gaming Soundsystem Review
Teaser: The new flagship from Corsair is ensured by the three-way speaker system called the SP2500 and is just gaming for the ultimate in
sound quality.


NEC 23 Inch MultiSync EX231W Review at Overclockers Online
Quote: The NEC EX231W-BK is compact at only 14.6mm and weights under 10 lbs with the base attached. With such a slim design the NEC EX231W-BK looks great on the desk but makes no compromises when it comes to providing adjustable features like tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustment.


Arctic Cooling P321 Headset:
English link:
Swedish link:
Quote:  Artctic Cooling is mostly known for their cooling products and during 2010 they’ve expanded to other markets such as; audio. Todays review will be on one of their latest audio products. We are going to take a look at  the P321 headset, with a retail price of around 45$, the question is what type of quality we can really expect from this headset?




Assorted Stuffs:

iPhone: Create Your Own Ringtones @ Computing on Demand

Admit it, you want some cool ringtones on your phone but you don’t want to pay for them.  It also sucks that Apple wants to charge you a buck for a 30 second sound file.  There is some good news for you; you don’t have to pay for ringtones any more.


HDPlex H10.ODD Silent HTPC Chassis Giveaway
DESCRIPTION: Courtesy of the fine folks at HDPlex, the H10.ODD Low Profile HTPC Chassis has an MSRP of $258 and can support a number of different options and configurations. Check out the HDPlex Website for further details. If this chassis looks eerily familiar, it’s because Michael just recently reviewed it and absolutely loved it. Unlike the review unit, this item is strictly the chassis and power supply.


HP ProLiant DL165 G7 Opteron Server
Review  Link :
Quote : "You have to admit it is a dream to all computer builders to use Microsoft Windows Server 64bit on a 24 physical core system. I had to dig deep into my suite of testing tools to show off the power that this server really has. Once you test it this way, you quickly find uses for it. For example, I have used it to query a 100Gb database in SQL Server with 25 table joins. Yeah, you can do that with 64bits, 128Gb of DDR3 RDIMM’s and a SSD drive array. Read the full review to see how it performed in our tests…"


Title: Win a HIS Radeon HD 5750 IceQ+ Graphics Card @


Quote: To get 2011 rolling, we have teamed up with HIS to give two lucky winners the chance to win an amazing HIS Radeon HD 5750 IceQ+ graphics card. As always, our competitions are simple but fantastic.



CES Stuff:

Intel Sandy Bridge Reviews and Comparisons | Reporting from CES

Intel Core i5-2500K CPU / DH67BL Bearlake Motherboard Review

For casual gamers, the new Intel Sandy Bridge architecture is perfect, as they can play the games that they want to play with increased speed and playability over the previous generation Arrandale and Clarkdale CPUs… >>Read More

Intel Core i7-2600K Processor and DP67BG Motherboard Review

The Core i7-2600K represents a major change to the architecture for Intel and a new direction for processors in upcoming months… >>Read More

Kensington Offers Four New Accessories for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

The backup battery, protective band, touch screen stylus and pen, and dual USB wall charger are designed to increase productivity with Apple devices for both consumers and businesses.

Wireless N Access Doubles as Powerline Adapter

The TPL-410AP is part of TRENDnet’s CES 2011 demonstration of instant high-speed network access.

Corsair Offers Components to Work with Intel Core Processors

The company is offering low-voltage Vengeance DDR3 memory, SATA 6Gbps SSDs, and a range of LGA1155-compatble CPU coolers to work with Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor platforms.

Verbatim Showcases Two New Portable USB Hard Drives at CES 2011

The company offers its first portable USB 3.0 hard drive designed for Mac users, as well as another USB 3.0 hard drives designed for speed and storage.

CES 2011 to See Supermicro’s Latest Uni-Processor Platforms

The latest UP products are unveiled just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show. The platforms are based on the new Intel P67 and Q67 chipsets, optimized for Intel 2nd Generation Core i7/i5/i3 processors.

Powerline Adapters Create a Buzz

CES 2011 attendees get re-connected to TRENDnet’s 500 Mbps Powerline AV adapters.


CES 2011: Intel Demos Future Sandy Bridge Capabilities @ Legit Reviews


CES 2011 – Futurelooks Press Day Round Up 


CES 2011 – BCCHardware

Patriot @ CES 2011

Archos Android at CES 2011

Sceptre @ CES 2011

CoolIT @ CES 2011

Microsoft Keynote @ CES 2011

Trendnet Press Show and Coffee


Zalman @ CES 2011 @ Bjorn3D


CES 2011: IOGEAR HTPC Keyboards and 3D/HD Media Streamer @ Legit Reviews


This afternoon at CES 2011, AMD representatives took the opportunity to not only showcase a number of thin-and-light notebook/netbook design wins that they’ve pulled down for their new Zecate Fusion processor and the Brazo platform, but also to showcase the platform’s thermal performance characteristics versus a competitive dual core Intel Atom solution.
In short, AMD claims the days of sweaty palms and lap warmer notebooks are gone…


CES ’11: ASUS Shows Honeycomb Tablets @ t-break


CES ’11: Lenovo Showcase @ t-break


CES 2011: NVIDIA Tegra 2 and LG Dual-Core Super Phone @ Legit Reviews


CES 2011: NVIDIA Talks Tegra 2 and Outs "Project Denver" CPU


David Roman- Lenovo Interview @ t-break



Gaming Related:

Bejeweled 3 Review (PC)

Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn Mouse Review

Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset @ PureOverclock

CM Storm Spawn Review @ Vortez

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EVGA set to slash warranty support by up to 80% ?

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