News for Saturday April 21st 2012–HOAs are Horrible!

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So apparently our little city or town where we live is now like an HOA (Home Owners Association), except it’s worse I think. Got a registered letter yesterday saying that they changed the laws and our property is now in violation of many of them and we have to fix it all within 30 days or face fines of $1,000 per day and 30 days in jail per day if it’s not fixed. The best part is that the letter doesn’t tell you what’s wrong, it just lists the laws so we don’t know what exactly is wrong which means we don’t know what needs fixed?! They also never told anyone they were changing the laws either. Isn’t government great?! I work from home and I’m here most of the time and I never saw anyone here to inspect anything so I don’t know when or how they found any of these problems. Apparently though it’s not just us as the mailman said he’s delivered hundreds of these over the last couple days and he has more to do. I just find it amazing that I could now go to jail because I didn’t paint the trim around my windows!?!?! Picture the situation, you’re in jail with murderers and thieves and rapists and they ask you what you’re in for and you tell them it’s because you didn’t paint the trim around your windows?! There’s something seriously wrong with all of this…

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