News for Saturday March 19th 2011


It’s Saturday and it’s time once again for the news from our friends around the world.   Got a lot of news for you actually, so just hop on in and check it out!


Storage Related:

Intel’s latest 510 Series SSD combines custom firmware with a 6Gbps Marvell controller. We take a closer look at the drive’s performance to see how it stacks up.


G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-2133 8GB RAM Review

Summary: It has been a while since we had a look at some RAM, so today we’re happy to bring you a solid set from G.Skill, their Ripjaws-X DDR3-2133 8 GB kit, model # F3-17000CL9D-4GBXL.


Kingston HyperX PC3-2133 CL9 Review –
Quote:  "The supply of RAM reviews continues! Today Kingston wants us to show off their high-end HyperX T1-series to the public. We are looking at the Kingston HyperX T1 DDR3-2133 CL9 2x2GB kit which fits a budget enthusiast role but hopefully delivers solid Kingston performance."


Sharkoon QuickPort XT USB 3.0 PLUS dock  @ XtremeComputing

Quote: "Today I will be reviewing the Sharkoon QuickPort XT USB 3.0 PLUS hdd dock. Sharkoon have been around for quite a while, and have built up a good reputation of reliable useful products. Today I will see how this USB 3.0 dock compares to a USB 2.0 dock. I am hopeful this dock will beat the older standard, and am somewhat excited to be dealing with this product – as it will be my first encounter with USB 3.0!"

Review Link:


Thermaltake Max5G Enclosure.  We found issues with our USB 3.0 controller we tested on before and have not retested the enclosure on properly functioning controller.


GSKill RipjawsX PC3 17000 CL9 Memory Review @ Ninjalane
Quote: As a general rule of thumb you will see a significant performance increase whenever you can run your memory clock above the default 13.33x multiplier setting and that is what you will get from these modules. While the F3-17000CL9D RipjawsX modules might not have the best timings their overall performance is perfect for gaming and general purpose computing


Kingston SSDNow V100 256GB Solid State Drive Review

QUOTE: "Last week we showed you the new Kingston SSDNow V+100 that uses a new Toshiba controller and offers good mainstream performance, but the current price is quite a bit higher than what we wanted to see. Today we’re looking at the new Kingston SSDNow V100 with a Toshiba labeled controller designed in cooperation with JMicron. The V100 is Kingston’s new budget series that is designed to meet the needs of mainstream users.
Last year we showed the Kingston SSDNow V Series and the new V100 is the updated replacement model. The new V100 is more of an evolutionary upgrade since it uses the same 64MB cache capacity, but the flash has been upgraded to 32nm (shrunk from 43nm). Both the V and V100 are controlled by a controller based on the JM618, so the main changes rest in the NAND flash and firmware."


: Kingwin USI-2535U3 USB 3.0 to SATA HDD Adapter Review @ Tweaknews
Article Url:
Article Snippet:"Kingwin has been effective in creating a product that allows access to data in a quick, easy, and inexpensive way. The USI-2535U3 USB 3.0 to SATA adapter is versatile enough to use with any SATA drive and small enough to carry anywhere. The USB 3.0 interface ensures fast file transfers, and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 make this a truly adaptable tool for computer users of all skill levels."




Audio / Video:

MEElec M16 Earphones
"MEElec has revamped their lineup in 2011 and released three new "M" earphones – the M16, M21 and M31. Today we’ll take a close look at the M16 – the $25 USD priced entry level offering that is targeted toward the budget conscious crowd. It is marketed as featuring clear, detailed sound with enhanced bass and an ergonomic design – let’s see how well it delivers."


LG Flatron E2050 20-inch LED Widescreen LCD Monitor Review @

Review URL:

Quote: “Having a great LCD makes your computer experience even better, no one wants to be using an old washed out LCD. LG is a name you may not think of when talking about LCD monitors, but after reading this review you just might. LG’s flagship LED model series, the E50 is just .69 inches thick, and boasts mega ratio contrast technology, resulting in an extremely clear and natural picture quality built into the ultra slim and stylish design. The series is comprised of 3 different models, today we will be taking a look at the E2050 20-inch model. was nice enough to send us the E2050 20-inc h LED Widescreen LCD Monitor to review. is a great place to find LCD Computer Monitors."


Samsung PN58C8000 58 Inch Plasma TV Review @ Tweaknews
Article Url:
Article Snippet:"The Samsung PN58C8000 is targeted towards the buyer that wants the best Samsung Plasma TV that money can buy and have every possible feature other than integrated Wifi. No corners have been cut for this model and everything from the upgraded remote control to the brushed exterior bezel and finish look as good as the TV performs."


Sandberg USB 5.1 Surround headset Review –
Quote:  "Hello and welcome to another production. Our subject today is the Sandberg 5.1 USB Surround headset which is specifically designed for gamers and PC-multimedia enthusiasts. Sandberg is a well over 20-years old Danish company that produces computer-related products such as audio periphials, keyboards, mice, cables and much more. Altough the brand doesn’t specifically pop up when we are talking audio periphials, I have good hopes for this gamer-oriented product."


XPAND X103 Universal 3D Glasses Review @MissingRemote
DESCRIPTION: This wouldn’t be so bad if the glasses were inexpensive, but with glasses costing over $100 each, not too many consumers are going to be stockpiling glasses for a rare group viewing. Furthermore, those 3D glasses might be worthless if a 2nd 3D display or replacement 3D display is purchased from another manufacturer. This is where XPAND steps in and attempts to alleviate the problem with their line of universal 3D glasses. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the XPAND X103 universal 3D glasses.






Mobile Related:

Hewlett Packard Pavilion DM1Z Fusion Ultraportable Review

AMD released Fusion in January and KitGuru has reviewed many motherboards and systems from partners … all to this point within a desktop environment. Today we are analysing the new Hewlett Packard Pavilion DM1z, our first look at AMD’s Fusion technology in the mobile space.

Read over here


Gateway NV59c Review
"Whether you’re folded into a hostel bunk beside a bunch of snoring Germans, holed up in a concrete box of a dorm room, or just too cheap for a TV, a laptop can be as much an entertainment center as a tool for communication, study and productivity. Gateway’s NV59c shoulders the burden of keeping users grinning with a 15.6-inch screen, integrated Blu-ray player, and even built-in WiMax for keeping the Hulu, YouTube and Netflix videos rolling, even when you’re away from home. While it’s far from the ideal travel notebook, its affordable prices and comfortable controls make the NV59c a decent value for the right type of user. Continue on to our full review below for our in-depth look at the Gateway NV59c."
Link to the review:


Belkin Washable Mouse and Mouse Pad Travel Pouch Review @

Briefing: Today we have a rather interesting product that confused me a little when I found out about it. The Belkin Washable Mouse is a mouse that is water-resistant, so it can endure spills and it also stays clean. Along with a versatile scroll pad, the Washable mouse from Belkin sounds like something that sounds too good to be true. Let’s take a look and see if the ride is as smooth as Belkin suggests.



MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review @
"The GX660R is available in various flavours, including Core-i7 based builds and comes with the same high-end Dynaudio speakers that were used in the GT660 with the graphics also receiving an upgrade to AMD’s DX11 enabled Mobility 5870… That "R" in the model name, that’s for RAID. In theory that all sounds like a system with a high end price tag but MSI have decent spec builds starting at a little under £999 which seems too good to be true. Let’s find out if it is…"


, ‘MSI CX620 3D Laptop Review’
The Full Article can be viewed at


GIGABYTE P2532: Thinnest 2nd Gen Core i7 Notebook Hands On
QUOTE: "With all the notebooks flooding the market it’s nice to find one with a grand claim to fame. "The thinnest 2nd Generation Core i7 Notebook", as with all tech titles like that are fleeting, but they are good while they last. The GIGABYTE P2532 multimedia laptop offers a stylish design with a powerful quad-core 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor.
In its 15.6" chassis it sports a full HD display with 1920×1080 resolution and a LED backlight screen. Under the hood we’ve got a 500GB 7200rpm HDD, 4GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GT550M/ 2GB VRAM with Optimus technology. Taking a look around the unit, you’ll find a DVD burner, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and THX Tru Studio Pro technology in its 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer."


Choiix Power Fort Rechargeable Power Backup Battery Review

We’ve all been in that situation where we go to use our smartphone on the go and find that the battery is flat.  This is why a number of companies have produced battery packs that can be used to charge an array of different mobile devices on the go.  We have seen the market for power hungry smartphones increase dramatically over the past few years and we can see these batteries increasing in popularity because of this.

Read over here


Snugg iPad Case Review @

Briefing: Today at Tech-Reviews, we have the Snugg iPad Case to review. The Snugg has been a very popular case over the past 12 months and has some great features such as functioning as a portable travel case and acting as a viewing stand to improve typing and viewing comfort. Let’s see how well it performs.



Jabra CRUISER2 Bluetooth Speaker

QUOTE: "Over the last few years we’ve seen that talking on your mobile phone while driving is clearly unsafe to the point where you now lose points and get a fine for doing so. Of course, if you use a Bluetooth headset it’s not a problem and gives you the ability to answer any phone calls while driving.
The problem with headsets, though, is they’re a pain in the butt sometimes. I’m not a big fan of having stuff stuck in my ears, just like most people, and really I only need the ability of a Bluetooth headset when driving. When walking around I’m happy to just hold my phone and talk, plus come on, walking around with Bluetooth headsets went out a few years back. So what do you do? Well, hopefully you grab yourself the Jabra CRUISER2. We say hopefully because we need to check and see if it’s any good first. Looking at the package, we’ve got a fairly good idea of what we’re dealing with."


Motorola Atrix 4G Review
"Convergence is everywhere these days – be it game consoles that stream Netflix movies, GPS devices that double as speakerphones and televisions with Web browsers – but the Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone takes this concept to the next level."
Link to the review:


Mobility Digest Review: Dot Gloves for Capacitive Touch Screens

Winter is cold, and that means gloves. Most of the time we’ve got a choice to make, either gloves or our devices as you can’t operate a capacitive touchscreen with gloves on. Today for review I’ve got a review for you that I was supposed to post the other day actually, but life interferes as I’m sure you know. Anyway, the review is a product from our friends at Mobile Fun and it’s a pair of capacitive gloves called Dot Touch. These gloves allow you to keep your fingers warm but still operate any devices with a capacitive touch screen and surprisingly they work perfectly.


Mobility Digest Review: CandyShell Flip for AT&T iPhone 4

The Speck CandyShell case has been one of the most popular cases for all the previous iPhone generations and with the new iPhone 4 speck released a slight variation in its most popular case design making it dock friendly and non-iPhone cable friendly. The Flip just like the regular CandyShell case is made of two layer, a soft rubbery shock absorbent inner layer and a hard glossy outer layer. The volume buttons and the top power button are also covered in the same rubbery material and works really well. All the buttons and really responsive even with the protection over the buttons. I actually like the covering over the buttons makes them feel more tactile and easier to press.


MobilityDigest Review: Motorola Atrix

The mighty Atrix has finally arrived, in all it’s glory. This phone has managed to generate a fair amount of buzz within the gadget crowd for more reasons than one. Although I feel that most of the hype is justified, can this device be a natural fit for the consumer among us? Let’s find out:


Mobility Digest Review: Clingo Universal Podium Phone And Media Desk Stand

Hello, happy Sunday to you all! I’m back with another review of a product from our friends at Mobile Fun. A while ago I took a look at the Clingo Universal Vent Mount and I still use it to this day. Today I have another Clingo product, this one uses the same sticky material to hold your phone in place, and it’s for your desk instead of your car. It consists of a fairly heavy metal base and a place for your phone to stick to. I like it, it woks well, it’s simple and easy to use.


Mobility Digest Reviews: Apple iPad 2

Just as the title says, Mobility Digest has the Apple iPad 2 and we are going to be busting out some reviews and content to let you in on what all the excitement is about. I have been waiting a long time for this device to be released having determined that I was indeed someone who would make use of this new mobile platform called a tablet. so lets jump right into this and get things started!




Assorted Stuffs:

Legit Reviews and NZXT Sweepstakes!
Article URL:

NZXT and Legit Reviews are joining forces to give ten our fans a very nice NZXT system upgrade simply by “liking” both NZXT and Legit Reviews on Facebook and making a video response to our YouTube video! By making a video response and posting the video on each sites Facebook wall you’ll then be entered into the contest, which gives you a chance to win one of five NZXT Phantom cases or one of five NZXT Sentry LXE fan controllers!


On Low-End GPUs, Nouveau Speeds Past The NVIDIA Driver @ Phoronix
Direct Link:
Summary: "With a little work, the group of community Linux developers without any corporate backing have clean-room reverse-engineered the proprietary NVIDIA GeForce graphics driver to write a fully open-source 2D/3D driver for NVIDIA graphics cards. After years of work, this open-source driver called Nouveau is now just as fast — or faster — than the official NVIDIA driver when running it on low-end GeForce 8/9/200 series graphics cards."


Internet Explorer 9 review: Now with more Chrome
"For Web addicts, the last few years have been great. While Microsoft was once content to sit on its browser throne, intense competition from Google and Mozilla has brought a plethora of innovative new features to the market. Whenever one browser implements a popular new feature, the others seem sure to follow. Never has this been more clear than with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, the newest version of its exceedingly popular browser. IE9 is a blatant copy of Google’s Chrome browser, right down to its searchable address bar. We’d complain more if Microsoft didn’t also copy Chromes best feature: it’s speed and adherence to Web standards."
Link to the article:


14: HotHardware’s Two and A Half Geeks Webcast – March 18, 2011–March-18-2011/

In this latest episode of HotHardware’s Two and a Half Geeks, Dave, Iyaz and Marco talk about NVIDIA’s just released GeForce GTX 550 Ti graphics card and Lucid’s Virtu GPU Virtualization software for Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform, in addition to HotHardware’s coverage of PAX East which just took place in Boston, MA, and OCZ Technology’s announcement that they’ll be acquiring Indilinx. We also drop some hints about an absolutely awesome gaming system give-away that we’ll be formally announcing on Monday…


‘Win a SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headphones’
The Full Article can be viewed at


‘Win a SteelSeries WoW: Cataclysm Mouse’
The Full Article can be viewed at


Unigine OilRush Game Giveaway @ Phoronix
Direct Link:
Summary: "Unigine’s OilRush game will be making its debut in June, but those who pre-order now have beta access to this Linux and Windows game that is a real-time strategy and offers impressive graphics. Fortunately, if you’re short on change, we’re giving away a few copies of this first game by Unigine Corp."


Win one of 50 copies of Stalker: Call Of Pripyat for PC

KitGuru have been working with MSI and AMD to give away 50 copies of STALKER: Call Of Pripyat. To see how to win, read ahead to the bottom of this page.

Read over here


Win Zalman ZM-NSP100-W notebook speakers and a Zalman baseball hat !

We have a set of Zalman ZM-NSP100-W notebook speakers and a Zalman baseball hat to give away. All you have to do is like the post on our Facebook page to enter. We’ll give these away to one random "liker" on March 21, 2011. US and Canada only for this one. ..  link





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