News for Sunday June 7th 2009


Not much news today, just a couple..


Top Free Antivirus Software for your PC @ revHardware

If you don’t have antivirus already, you probably are experiencing a very slow computer! Unfortunately due to the extensive work that it takes to keep up with maintaining an accurate virus signature database, many more popular antivirus software can sometimes be out of many peoples budgets, especially if you are not using your computer very often or have a spare computer that still needs protecting.



Title – Windows 7 Release Date @ eTeknix

Link –

Quote “Windows 7’s release date has now been set for 22nd October 2009. This will be the first day that customers will be able to buy the new operating system from Microsoft. The beta of Windows 7 was released in February 2009, followed by the recent release of the Windows 7 Release Candidate, which was released in May 2009.”

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