Rikomagic MK902 Network Media Player Review @ NikKTech


There was a time when i was really into TV screens (LCD & Plasma) so not a day went by without me looking at the specifications of all the new models getting released and since i also happened to supervise an electronics store back then i had the chance to take a look at most of them from up close. Of course back then LCD and Plasma screens didn’t come ready with 3D and smart capabilities nor did they feature build-in media players so unlike today people were very interested in those brand new devices just making their debut. Even today however not all TV screens come with build-in media players and amongst the ones that do just a few have really powerful ones capable of reproducing very heavy bitrate files so although demand is obviously not the same as back then there’s still interest for standalone media players. Today we’ll be testing one of the latest models to hit the market, the MK902 Network Media Player by Rikomagic.

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