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News and Reviews for 10-28-09

Ok, I got a lot of news for you, been sick the last couple of days, stomach virus, flu or something… haven’t done much… but I’m feeling better now..  anyway, here’s the news:

How Stuff Works: A Computer CPU

You’ve got a brain, right? Sure you do! And so does your computer. But instead of a soft, squishy blob of neurons and axons and synapses, your computer has a small square chip about the size of a Triscuit cracker…

News and Reviews for 10-5-09

Well, I’ve got a few cool and interesting products on the way, and we’ll be starting back with video unboxings as well soon.. took a break basically. So here’s the news for today:

OCZ Neutrino 10" DIY Netbook

So, if you’re like most tech enthusiasts out there, you’ve got tons of parts just floating around with no home, I know I’ve got all kinds of hard drives, ram, and other components sitting here doing nothing. OCZ is known…