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Transcend ESD400 Portable USB 3.0 SSD Review @ TweakTown

QUOTE:“Tyler puts Transcend’s ESD400 portable USB 3.0-based SSD device through our tests to find out how it performs. Come and take a look at our review.” For more information, please visit – http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6768/transcend-esd400-portable-usb-30-ssd-review/index.html

News for Saturday September 7th 2013

Happy Saturday I think.. I’m so sick and have been for the past couple days, I barely slept last night, just kept tossing and turning because I can’t breathe just all stuffed up. Gack, I hate this. Anyway, it’s time…

News for Tuesday May 21st 2013

Yes it’s that time again, time for the news from around the world and then later on I’ll have another review for you of another i-Mego set of headphones!  So why don’t you go read the news and I’ll get…

News for Wednesday October 17th 2012

Hey it’s Wednesday, that means the week is half way over right? I don’t know, the week is never over for me it seems, with kids and tech there’s always something to do. So I’ve got the news and reviews…

News and Reviews for 10-5-09

Well, I’ve got a few cool and interesting products on the way, and we’ll be starting back with video unboxings as well soon.. took a break basically. So here’s the news for today: