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Australian Pokies: Back to the Future


It is quite surprising that pokies have been invented only 120 years ago. Due to the crazy popularity of poker and all the other games of fortune and chance centuries before that it is hard to believe, a slot machine…

What Kind of Tablet Do You Need?

New York City - October 6, 2015The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is displayed at the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Media event in New York City.Credit: Andrew White for WIRED

In just a handful of years tablets have become the go-to piece of tech for a variety of business and entertainment purposes. Not only do tablets offer unrivalled convenience, but the processing power of these devices has made them essential…

4 Facts to Know About Cell Tower Leases


As smartphone usage continues to rise in the United States, the demand for data is estimated to go up eight times the current usage by 2018. That means many telecom carriers want to build cell phone towers more than ever.…

How to Build a Cheap Home Automation System


Home computerization frameworks, which let one remote control lights, window shades, indoor regulators, entryway locks, security cameras, even an individual’s home excitement apparatus or machines, which used to be expensive is no more. A DIY unit called Ninja Blocks, and…

How to Build a Custom TV Lift


Recently, there has been the invention of motorized TV lifts though they have been costly and only designed for a certain range of TVs. In addition, it has been a challenge if the TV size or installation location did not…