Review Disclosure Policy


Technogog receives many products for review (both solicited and unsolicited ones) our aim is to give our readers a wide variety of interesting products to read reviews about. We also purchase products ourselves when we can’t acquire a review sample, just to give you the reader the review you’re looking for.

Technogog never has and will never accept payments for reviews from companies, for us there is no difference in reviewing a free or purchased product since all products are treated the same. Sending in a product to Technogog for review is by no means a guarantee for getting a review written about the product. Our reviews are always honest and outspoken and we are never afraid to tell the truth about a bad product, just browse around and you will find too many products that aren’t as high quality as the manufactures would have you believe. This is also the main purpose of Technogog, to help you, the consumer and our reader, make an informed purchasing decision.

Review Samples: The one major benefit for a review site with review sample is that we can get our hands on products before they hit the stores and have the review up and ready in time for you to make your purchase decision. Products sent for review are kept by the reviewer to be used or sold to pay for the upkeep of the site.


To learn more about our review scoring and how we test and review products please visit this page here: