About Us


Technogog is a new kind of tech site, or at least we try to be.

Here you’ll find not only product reviews and press releases but tech news, videos and more. You’ll also find lots of other stuff that might not exactly be tech related, anything really that we might find interesting or neat.

So you want to know more about us?

Technogog is a tech site obviously, but hopefully it’s more than that.

Technogog is its own site, but it’s also a combination of sites as you’ll see content from other websites here for you to access.

One thing I do have to note is that you’ll find branding or watermarks for TestFreaks on some videos and pictures, yes we are not TestFreaks but we were, sort of. TestFreaks was and still is all about product reviews but they’ve decided to move away from that a bit, at least doing their own reviews and posting other tech related news. TestFreaks has decided to solely focus on their B2B business so there was a need for a new site, that’s when Technogog was born. All of the TestFreaks content from their blog which includes product reviews, articles, interviews and tech news is now here. We are not technically affiliated with TestFreaks, but we’re still friends.

Technogog is a site with a lot of things going on. Stay tuned for more.

If you need to contact us about anything you can use the quick contact form in the grid boxes or email us at technogog@gmail.com or info@technogog.com

To submit news, tips and press releases you can use dsmnews@gmail.com


Location: Pittsburgh, PA