Weekly Giveaway # 11 – 7 USB Drives

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This week I figured I’d go with a wearable theme giveaway. All seven of the USB Drives I’ve got for you are wearable with either a chain or lanyard…Anyone, anywhere in the world can win! Enter just by telling me which one you want in the comments below.

Also please tell your friends about the contest by tweeting, blogging or whatever about it!


Here’s the USB drives:

They’re all 2gig drives:

DSCF7865 DSCF7883 DSCF7884 DSCF7887 DSCF7877 DSCF7878 DSCF7880



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  • gary golembroski

    Plain Block of what looks like Mahogany, I’m plain on the outside, good stuff inside.

  • slugbug

    I like the Sphinx.

  • raybunker

    Either of the Egyptian themed keys would be awesome!

  • Clayton C.

    toss my name in the hat for cat one.

  • PΓ©rola I.C.E

    I like the owl. Beautiful !!!!!

  • werty316

    Put my name in the hat for the dark wood finish USB drive.

  • tanka12345

    I’m not picky, so any would suit me fine πŸ™‚

  • Jex

    Either one but Santa or cross.

  • veleb

    Owl please.
    My friend loves such shiny things, hehe.
    (or jaguar)

  • Scott Davison

    I love the first egyptian one, http://www.technogog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/windowslivewriterweeklygiveaway117usbdrives-72f5dscf7887-thumb.jpg,

    but the cross one is also really nice πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the contest, btw! πŸ™‚ How’d you come by all these drives?

  • Andrzej

    I would love a flashy flash drive as i do not currently own one at all :-(.

  • misterpete

    I ‘d love the dark wood finish drive.

  • Casey

    Lovin the simple dark wood finish. I recon it needs some kind of ikea-esque name like ‘sage’ or ‘slate’

    … or ‘super wooden power data maximum storage awesome forever’ πŸ˜›

  • Isahbella

    I would really love and appreciate to own the rectangular one with what looks to me like a picture of an egyptian pharoah. (With the white symbolic writing on top of it). Because I could use it as an accessory which will match me and everything in my closet, and i need a USB for all my files and working stuff..

    thanks btw for the contest!


  • Bella

    I wouldn’t mind getting the USB with the red and white coloured santa. My fave colour is red and white, and I could really use a USB drive for my work and other stuff.

    xoxo bel

  • Bella

    I would love to have either any of the egyptian pharoah or the Santa Clause one. Love ’em and it wud definately be great use to me!

    xoxo Bell

  • Isahbella R

    I would love to own what looks to me like the rectangular USB drive with the egyptian pharoah on it (the one with the white symbolic writing on it). It would look great as an accesory as it would match me and everything in my closet, plus i could use a USB for my work and other stuff.

    Thanks btw for the awesome contest!


  • Valerie

    I like the cross

  • idbaghera

    My nick name is Baghera, so that Tiger is mine πŸ™‚
    Pls pls pls give it to me

  • yt

    hmm, more than 7 comments|replies|requests precede mine. is this a “sweepstakes” type selection? if so, I hardly care which model. naturally, i prefer best i/o performance. i think read-speed is more important, because I’ll be booting many OSes to install (unetbootin or whatever i can get to work). (Haiku, Reactos, Syllable,,,, )

    btw, a cpuid kind of app (if exists) could help id the electronic “guts” of those 36 usbdrives. Your Diskcopy bench charts are “notchy”, suggesting only a few families (or manufacturer?) among the 36. But testing different “themes” of the same “guts” may be a good way to test different manufacturing batches. If the “theme” plastic varies in heat insulating properties, I doubt the ~340MB test-avi is large enough to cause heat buildup.

    anyway, there’s a sphinx in today’s pics, but there’s also a rectangular thing with flat Egyptian theme. I’m guessing this blobby sphinx is the “sphinx” that benched among the better, so I guess blobby sphinx my (1st) preference.

    (thx & for the tests)

  • JeeBee

    My Mum collects owl ornaments, I think that Owl USB drive would make a nice gift! It’s also quite lovely in its own right.

  • Simon

    I would love the dark wooden one πŸ˜€

  • Paul

    I would like the owl one, if at all possible. Thanks.

  • Amit

    The one in the top left (wooden block) would be awesome!

  • Lisette

    I would love to win the owl one! πŸ™‚ It’s so pretty!

  • Margo

    I like the cross. Thanks.
    P.S. Twittered

  • Jackie

    i would like to win either the Santa or owl one there both so pretty!!!!

  • Kyle

    I’d like to win the 1st one. just the plain block of wood.

  • M

    The cross please!

  • ella

    i wud so luv to win any one of the pharoah USB, it wud be very handy and trendy.. thanks anywayz!
    if i win i am happy but if i dont it is not my luck, better next time… but i still got my fingers crossed to win this time! but thanx!

  • Kristofer

    Contest is now over….. will announce winners and new contest shortly…

  • Kristofer Brozio

    Winners are:
    wood block:
    gary golembroski


    Wood Cross:



    Isahbella R

    Santa Claus:

    Check you emails for a message from me requesting your shipping info!

  • Isahbella R

    OMG! i cannot believe i won! i won both the santa and pharoa but only recieved shipping info email for the pharoah.. anyways, i was wondering, will we need to pay for anything if we won???

  • idbaghera

    I can’t believe it , i won πŸ™‚
    Thank you sir, u make my day

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  • slugbug

    Congrats everyone πŸ™‚

  • Isahbella R

    THANKS everyone. i an so excited to see and use the great USb as well as wear it everywhere and almost anywhere.. so again, just wondering, do we hav to pay for any thing, like shipping and stuff?

  • veleb

    2 Isahbella R : no, you don’t have to pay anything

  • Melanie Lee

    Congrats to the winners! I missed this one. πŸ™
    I loved that panther!

  • Isahbella R

    thanks veleb.

    gud luck if u r joining any sweepstakes/giveaways..

  • yt

    received in mail a more than a week ago. haven’t had time to use to try multi-os usb-boot installations, and won’t have time possibly until december :-/
    but, thanks again. [no need to reply, btw]

  • Kristofer