Belkin Intros Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5

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Belkin wants to give you more power for your iPhone 5 as they’ve just launched their newest product called the Grip Power which is  a case and a battery all in one. The battery is 2000mAh in capacity and should provide double the talk and text and play time. The case has a price of $99.99 and it’s available exclusively at Best Buy online ore in stores.





Belkin today announced the Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5, designed to double the battery life of the newest iPhone. Offering the perfect combination of power and beauty, the Grip Power Battery Case is available in a range of color combinations and incorporates a grip bumper design to offer extra protection for the iPhone.

“Smartphone users are becoming increasingly dependent on their devices, and Belkin’s new Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5 provides the perfect solution for people who are constantly using their iPhone for apps, videos and browsing the web. Reliable battery life is critical for on-the-go users who need their phone to keep up with their connected lifestyle,” said Christopher Bodmer, product manager at Belkin.

The powerful 2000 mAh battery capacity of the Grip Power Battery Case doubles the iPhone 5’s battery life so users can talk, text and browse the web twice as long on one charge than with the iPhone alone.

In addition to extended battery life, the Grip Power Battery Case has a soft, comfortable grip design, a back-up shock-resistant bumper and an anti-glare camera ring that won’t interfere with the camera’s flash.

Belkin’s Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5 (F8W292tt) – $99.99

  • Extends iPhone 5 battery life
  • 2000 mAh battery capacity
  • EarPods compatible
  • Shock-resistant bumper with secure-hold TPU grip
  • Anti-glare camera ring
  • Includes Micro-USB charging cable and headphone adapter
  • Available in the following color combinations: Civic Blue/Stone, Purple Lightning/Fountain Blue, Blacktop/Gravel and Whiteout/Blacktop.

Pricing & Availability

Belkin’s Grip Power Case (MSRP $99.99) is available now at, and available for purchase exclusively at Best Buy or

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