First Women-Targeted Electronics Company

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While not quite my thing… it’s good that women are getting their own stuff…  so they don’t have to keep stealing mine 😉

ChicBlvd Inc, a multi-media company located in Vista, CA was launched in 2004 by two young women, Nikki Gutshall and Kailynn Bowling, with a dream to inspire and create.

This dream is quickly becoming a reality as the corporation now owns and operates 3 divisions in the fields of media, public relations and product development and is experiencing growth at a rapid pace.

After launching their online magazine, these two young women entrepreneurs quickly recognized a need in the marketplace for electronics geared towards their age and gender demographics—which precipitated the launch of chicBuds electronics as seen at



The ChicBlvd Inc founders recognized that nearly 85% of all consumer electronic purchases are made by women however the industry was yet to fully integrate such marketing and product-selection driven to this female demographic.


With this in mind, chicBuds electronics company was born—products made by women for women. All pieces are created for a woman’s needs in mind: a woman on-the-go looking for fashion, function and convenience in their electronics.

chicBuds is continuing to gain recognition and popularity as the ONLY electronic company effectively targeting women. After presence at CES and MAGIC in Vegas, mass retail chains were quoted saying that this company–chicBuds–is "ahead of the trends."

Hollywood favorites like Paula Abdul, Audrina Patridge and Paris Hilton love chicBuds and sport their own pair. And celebrity DJs rock out with our new Sport Headphones at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. Retail outlets include Regis, Dillards, Fred Meyer, Mary Kay and online in Best Buy, Sears, Kmart, Radioshack, and more, expanding quickly. These retailers are recognizing the forward-trending of electronics in chicBuds.

As popularity is expanding, so is the product offerings. chicBuds was initially launched with their signature piece, the chicBuds retractable earphones with Swarovski crystals. The company has now added 30 skus to their offerings, including the following (never before released to media outlets—BE THE FIRST TO FEATURE):

–RockBuds – unisex inner earbuds

–PinkTooth Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Swarovski Crystals

–chicBuds Designer Series with Swarovski Crystals

–chicBuds Mini earbuds with crystal beads

–And the newest product–chicBuds DJ-Style Headphones

chicBuds founders share that there are several more products in the works, but are unable to release the confidential offerings until the official launches.


chicBudsTin RockBuds-Guitar HEADPHONESMulti

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