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Hmmm… wonder what the chances of getting one of these for review would be?  I can see screen shots might be hard to do, they’d be blacked out quite a bit I would have to guess. Still though this would have to be the perfect holiday gift for that single guy in your life. What guy wouldn’t want a box that let’s you get on the XXX material you want for a low price?

One-of-a-kind adult entertainment portal delivers a multitude of personal movie and scene options to enjoy in the comfort of your home 



  • Small device simply connects to your home broadband internet connection (WiFi enabled) and plugs directly into your television
  • Online service provides access to a full line-up of over 20,000 movies (120,000 scenes) from the most popular adult studios in the industry
  • Easy-to-use interface allows you to navigate through movies and view complete breakdowns of each title and scene thumbnails
  • Unique and powerful search engine gives you the ability to find virtually any category, title, star, series or studio
  • Maximum customization options, libraries, and playlists provide ultimate flexibility
  • Choose from unlimited studio packages, or pay as you play service

Price: Two Options: Purchase BoXXX for $89.95 (no monthly fees, no contract, or setup cost), and purchase scenes as low as $.95 each or titles as low as $4.95 each
Subscribe to FyreTV Monthly (no hardware or Boxxx cost, no hidden contract fees, free rollover minutes) Monthly Rates-1 Month Plan: $24.95 per month, 3 Month Plan: $16.95 per month, 1 Year Plan: $9.95 per month.

****(be warned the link to their website below is VERY NSFW)****
Website: www.fyretv.com

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