Goodbye Keychain, Hello Keyport

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I think I want one of these, I’ve got too many keys as it is but I’m not sure about sending my keys away. The Keyport though has been updated, or it’s going to be updated with a USB drive so you’ll have portable storage right there for you when you need it.

Moving one step closer to replacing the traditional keychain, Keyport, Inc. announces the addition of a USB flash drive to its growing list of personal items that have been designed to fit securely in the Keyport Slide V.01. Lightweight and compact, The Keyport Slide V.01 consolidates the most important personal items we carry every day into one indispensable gadget that allows access to any of them with just the slide of a thumb.


For a look at the Keyport Slide in action, please visit

Ready to ship on Monday, February 28th, the USB flash drive insert will come in 4GB and 8GB sizes with a 16GB due out later in the year. Pre-orders will be available through the company’s website,, beginning today. "We are thrilled to be able to give our customers the item that topped their list of most requested enhancements to Keyport’s functionality – a Keyport compatible USB flash drive. It puts us one step closer to our vision of a universal access device for the modern lifestyle that incorporates both form and function," said President, David Cooper.

There are several advantages to a Keyport versus a traditional keychain. The Keyport Slide fits comfortably in a pocket (without making holes in it or stabbing the user in the leg), eliminates pocket jingle, and significantly reduces scratches to other items in close proximity such as a cell phone. In addition, each device contains a serial number which, unlike a traditional keychain, allows the Keyport, if found, to be reunited with its owner via Keyport customer support. Keyport compatible keys, called Blades, provide the foundation upon which Keyport designs its streamlined access tools. They include a one-size-fits-all head and seamlessly take the place of traditional keys. Keyport uses the same universal head for all of its inserts including the USB flash drive, bottle opener, and mini-LED (due out in March).

Keyport’s universal access devices such as the Keyport Slide will serve as the bridge between traditional keys of the present and access technologies of the future such as RFID and biometrics. Along the way, Keyport will incorporate many of these advances into its own devices, creating stylish, functional, and personalized solutions to the problem of bulky keychains stuffed into a pocket or purse. In addition to their utility, Keyports are also quickly becoming a status symbol. Current customers describe online the myriad of ways in which they personalize and show off their Keyports. Chief Product Designer and company founder, Josh Downes, summarized, "Two of the most essential items people carry every day are their phone and their keys. While phones are getting sexier and smarter, keychains are getting bulkier and more inconvenient. Keyport is designed to bridge the gap of this paradox. It’s a completely new paradigm for something we fundamentally can’t live without."

  3 comments for “Goodbye Keychain, Hello Keyport

  1. Matthew
    February 2, 2011 at 12:23 am

    Just responding to the sending keys out. After reading this I was looking more into it, seems the only key you’d have to send out is a car key if it has a chip in it. They will sacrifice one of the 6 slots and put the chip in one of them. Otherwise you take a picture of your keys so they can send you the right blanks and you take those blanks to a local locksmith to cut. I think you can also go to a local locksmith and get the codes for your blanks so you don’t have to take the photo. I’d prefer that for security reasons.

    Thanks though, this is seriously interesting and I might just get one myself…

    • Anonymous
      February 3, 2011 at 2:43 pm

      That’s the thing.. my car keys do have chips in them and they’re rather expensive to replace ass I’m sure you know…. but yeah I do like the keyport idea and design

      • Matthew
        February 12, 2011 at 9:39 pm

        Ok, I think you need to review a keyless ignition system in the near future. 😉

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