Himfr Evaluates Disney’s Diamond Mobile Phone DM005SH

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Disney and Diamonds! The new Disney DM005SH phone features a 3.4” AVS LCD while the external  side of the phone features a hidden LED display. It’s hard to describes, just read on for the pics:’

Himfr.com, one of China’s leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, evaluates Disney’s diamond mobile phone DM005SH.

Disney’s diamond mobile phone DM005SH is equipped with an 8 million pixel camera and a CCD sensor. The body also has 22 pieces of diamonds of different sizes, some of which are arranged to represent the Disney logo. There will be three colors to choose from such as red, dark blue and white.

The Disney DM005SH is the fifth phone in the DM series. Compared to previous models, the DM005SH lens has been improved from 3.2 million to 8 million pixels, meaning that imaging capability has increased significantly. As a Japanese mobile phone, it follows the classic clamshell shape and is equipped with a 3.4 inch AVS LCD screen with a resolution of the highest level of FWVGA. The external screen uses a hidden LED display.

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The design of Disney’s DM005SH is luxurious and includes more than 22 dazzling diamonds. These diamonds are irregularly distributed on the front of the phone to represent stars shining in the sky, making the design not just luxurious, but romantic as well. On the front of the phone a combination of three diamonds are arranged in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head. Likewise, in the phone function key area of the navigation keys, a combination of three radio buttons are also shaped as Mickey Mouse’s head. Finally, the top of the keyboard is engraved with Disney English Loge, making it’s identity unmistakeable.

The combination of luxurious design coupled with a high quality camera, the built-in Disney theme, is enough to overcome any stigma associated with flashy "luxury" phones.

Himfr Comments: Japan’s mobile phones are normally big-screen clamshell shapes and tend to have many functions included in them, such as fingerprint identification, solar charging, 10 million pixel cameras, waterproof functions and others are all common in phones from here. These creative ideas have been integrated into phones with small bodies and they play an incredible role in phone development. The Japanese use phones as a work of art and creative design, and new materials and features continue to emerge. The Disney phone has broken the mold for luxury mobile phones with it’s powerful camera and fun features, which makes it desirable as a collectible while still being very practical.

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