Logitech Harmony 300 Remote Unveiled

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The Harmony 300 is the latest from Logitech and coming in at only $49.99 it doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all. It’s going to be available beginning in April in the US and Europe. The Harmony 300 is an all-in-one remote sort of, it will replace up to four devices anyway and it uses the same system as other Harmony remotes do for programming where you plug it into your computer and log onto the Harmony website to get the codes for it, making setup fairly simple and easy.

Once you set up your remote, you can get to your entertainment fast with just one button press. The Watch TV button will turn on your TV and cable box in seconds — no additional remotes needed. The buttons are placed for easy reach, sculpted so your fingers can naturally find the right commands and grouped by how you’ll use them. For example, the buttons for controlling your DVD player are all grouped together. There’s even a set of programmable buttons that you can use to jump right to your favorite channels or use for custom control.


More info: www.logitech.com/harmony

via www.logitech.com

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