Mivizu launches Japan Earthquake Relief on Facebook.

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Japan and what’s going on over there.  Mivizu says that it will donate $1 for every Like they get on Facebook and $2 from every purchase of an iPhone 4 or iPad case  to help the Japanese Red Cross. Here’s the letter they sent over:

Dear Friends,

I come to you with humbleness and a petition for your support. Whenever tragedy strikes as a natural disaster anywhere in the world, Mivizu is moved. Not because we are Japanese, Mexican or Chinese, but because we care about our fellow man. Last night I watched in Horror after an 8.9 earthquake hit Japan get slammed with series of aftershocks, and backed with Tsunamis to inflict further damage to Japan.  At Mivizu we are very passionate about the products we deliver, but are also passionate about giving in time of need to our community.

Today, I call on our fellow man on Twitter and Facebook that for Every Like

On our Mivizu Facebook Fanpage, Mivzu will donate $1.00 to the Japanese Red Cross, and to every Customer that purchases an iPhone 4 or iPad case from the Mivizu website, Mivizu will donate $2.00 to the Japanese Red Cross.  There are many ways to help, and for Mivizu this is our way of showing Japan that we care. Please join us.



Please lend a hand and show your support to Japan.

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