New 2X CloudClient OS – A USB Stick is All You Need!

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This seems like a rather cool little thing they’ve got going on here.. It’s a free operating systems essentially that gives access to web based things like Google Apps, MS Live, Web Browsers etc, but it’s all on a USB stick. The caveat though is that you need a USB stick no larger than 512MB, do they still make them that small?! Anyway it’s a linux based CloudClient operating system, and free is free right? Give it a try and let me know how it is..

How does 2X CloudClient work:

Go to and instantly install your FREE personal 2X CloudClient operating system on a USB stick no larger than 512 MB. Your portable cloud client operating system can then be run from any computer that can boot from a USB device, allowing you to instantly connect to hosted virtual desktop, applications, like eg. Google Apps, Mirosoft HyperV or VMWare. It’s your own personal cloud client that you can carry in your pocket.

Alternatively you can burn the 2X CloudClient OS on a bootable CDRom or install it on a local HD and even run it as a Network Boot OS from you local network.


    - Supports Web applications, such as Google Apps, Microsoft Live, Web
      browsers, and more.

    - Includes virtual desktop and application clients, such as Microsoft RDP
      VMware View, Citrix XenApp and the 2X VirtualDesktopServer Client

    - Installs and boots from any type of USB device, or from a CDROM and
      hard drive.

    - Converts standard PC's, laptops, netbooks or thin clients to a cloud

Try To download the FREE 2X CloudClient OS today, please visit: 2X CloudClient OS Download. (

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  • “The caveat though is that you need a USB stick no larger than 512MB.”
    This is not correct. 512MB is the minimum size, other size will work as well.