New Kitchen Gadget Takes Country By Storm

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The SmartShopper SS301 has been featured on many daytime TV shows and it seems like it’s getting decent reviews. It’s basically a grocery shopping list, but it’s high-tech with LCD Screen, voice recognition and a built-in printer. I don’t know about you but I’ve got a wife and three kids so we have a constantly growing grocery and sundries list hanging on the wall.  Our list is actually clipboard with a full sized notepad attached to it, this works for the most part, but something like the SmartShopper might make life a bit easier I think. I’d have to give it a try though and see how it actually works? Anyone out there have one of these yet and can tell me how it works?

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SmartShopper Electronics would like to introduce to you the greatest small appliance for the kitchen.  The SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer changes the way families keep track of their grocery and household item needs.  Using state of the art voice recognition technology, the SmartShopper allows the user to simply say the name of the item they need.   These are stored on the LCD screen.  When they are ready to shop, the SmartShopper categorizes all of the items and prints the list right out of the unit on thermal paper (no ink replacement).  The new model (SS #301) is now available.

-         Uses state of the art voice recognition technology
-          Categorizes and prints your grocery list
-          Comes with over 2500 items pre-loaded in the master library
-          Allows the user to add their own unique items and categories
-          Can keep two distinct lists at the same time
-          Has a built in timer
-          Tracks coupons and can even designate quantities
-          Is simple to use right out of the box and operates on AA batteries


The SmartShopper is available at  for just $149.99

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