Ouidoo Has Arrived: First Mobile Handset Designed to Support Next-Generation Augmented Reality

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Whoa… I want one, not sure about the idea of augmented reality, but the phone looks cool!

QderoPateo plans to begin production of the device in Q2 to be compatible with TD-SCDMA, the Chinese 3G standard. A CDMA2000 EV-DO version for the U.S. and a W-CDMA and GSM version are also in the works. The company is set to demo the device at the Shanghai World Expo and shipments will begin sometime in the summer.

“This device is the most powerful and efficient mobile device in the world in terms both its processing capability and low energy consumption,” said Steve Chao, Co-founder of QderoPateo. “Where other devices are limited by provisioning specific processors to handle specific tasks, the Ouidoo system’s multiple-core processors scale efficiently to meet the needs of the whatever task is needed — from video and data integration to rendering complex 3D objects quickly and projecting them into the natural environment for a truly immersive Articulated Naturality experience.”


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The Ouidoo Articulated Naturality experience represents the next evolution of — a renaissance of sorts — in augmented reality, the first step in the creation of an entirely new digital eco-system standard that converges the Internet as we know it with the real world. With Articulated Naturality, users can play games and interact with 3D avatars, tag their environment with information for other users and actually project the Internet into an urban environment.

“Current sensor-based, camera view technologies only enable users to experience a 1.0 version of AR,” said Matt Gaines, Co-founder of QderoPateo. “With Articulated Naturality on the Ouidoo, we can achieve complete seamless integration, where virtual changes appear in real time for true interaction. Just like the PC evolved to become the tool for accessing the Internet as we know it, the Ouidoo will become the access device for the articulated urban world.”


For more information about QderoPateo, its Ouidoo platform and Ouidoo Scene device, visit www.qderopateo.com

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