Pioneer Goes Beyond the Living Room With New Headphone Lines

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Pioneer has just introduced four new sets of headphones ranging in price from $59 to $89, these new headphones are DJ inspired style and supposedly offer very good sound. Pioneer also announced two new sets of ear buds in their Core Audio line priced at $19.99 and $24.99, along with a set of over-ear style headphones as well for $44.99.

The DJ-inspired line includes four distinct models, each featuring a sound tuning philosophy similarly found in Pioneer’s professional DJ headphone line. This unique tuning heightens the presentation and impact of high and low musical notes and is favored by DJs in order to make it easier to time and mix music tracks. All models feature high power and efficient performance via large 40 mm drivers as well as portability and high comfort for extended wear. Each model is aggressively styled in a variety of colors to match its performance level, and will be available for pre-orders beginning Friday, July 16, 2010 on and, and at retail in August 2010.


The Pioneer SE-MJ5 (MSRP: $89) distills the essence of the Pioneer professional headphone products into a more compact design with performance engineered for consumer audiences. The light-weight and portable ?M delivers clear, accurate sound and isolates the listener from outside noise. The headphones offer velour and leather-type interchangeable ear pads for maximum comfort, a portable folding design, a max input power of 1,500 mW with 105 dB sensitivity, a 2.0 m (6.6’) OFC Litz extension cord and 3.5 and 6.5 mm adapters for connection to a variety of audio sources – including portable/MP3 audio players as well as audio/video components.



Steel Wheels™

Available in black, silver and gold real aluminum finishes, the Pioneer SE-MJ71 (MRSP: $79) Steel Wheels offer audio performance to match their styling with design cues that echo the look of professional DJ turntables. Steel Wheels also feature a portable folding design and 105 dB sensitivity, with a max input power of 1,200 mW.


Inspired by its unique cosmetic and the music creation process, the Pioneer SE-MJ31 (MSRP: $69) Loop offers a tremendous amount of style and performance and is available in three colors – black, violet or red. This model also has a portable folding design and 105 dB sensitivity, with a max input power of 1,000 mW.


The Pioneer SE-MJ21 (MRSP: $59) EQ offers solid sound and high style. With finishes especially appealing for female music enthusiasts, the EQ line offers colors in white/pink as well as solid black and solid white. All models also offer a portable folding design, with 103 dB sensitivity and a max input power of 500 mW.

Core Audio

Also new for 2010 is the Core Audio headphone product line, which consists of in and over-ear designs that meet the diverse style needs of music lovers as they move about the world.

True to Pioneer’s product philosophy, the SE-CE11 (MSRP: $19) delivers superior sound quality and comfort to traditional earbuds that come standard with portable music players. They are available in black or white and come with a plastic carrying case. The SE-CL07 (MSRP: $24) is a step up from the SE-CE11 and is available in white, black, blue and pink. All colors also come with four interchangeable ear bud sizes, allowing consumers to customize the fit and look for their unique styles. Both models will be available in September 2010.

For consumers looking for a relaxed, over-ear style, the SE-M290 (MSRP: $44) features comfortable velour earpads and connectivity options that make them ideal for home audio/video use. The headphones feature a large 40mm diameter driver, 3.5 m (11.5’) OFC Litz cord and 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm adapters. The frequency response is 5-25,000 Hz and the max input power is 1,200 mW. This model will be available in August 2010.

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