Spire Intros the Bliss 9 inch Android Tablet

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Hmm.. I want one, I love tablets they’re just so useful I think. I take mine with me all the time, especially when I go to kid karate classes and have to sit their for two and half hours. I’ve been catching up on my reading, I grabbed that Humble eBook bundle a while back, was worth it totally! So anyway, Spire has just announced their own Android tablet called the Bliss, or actually two of them, one is the Bliss and the other is the Bliss Pro but there isn’t much different between them except for the cameras they I believe. The tablets are running Android 4.0 and have a Cortex A13 1.2ghz CPU in them with an 800×480 resolution screen. Price is very nice at $150 for the Bliss and $160 for the Bliss Pro…

Sprie Bliss 9 Pro_3 Sprie Bliss 9 Pro_1 Sprie Bliss 9 Pro_2 


Spire today rolled out its new series of 9-inch tablet PC’s codenamed Bliss. The Bliss series are quality Tablet PC’s loaded with powerful features. These functional and handy mini computers are lightweight, portable and great for people that are always on the move. Pre-loaded with Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’, ensuring simplicity and stability of the Bliss tablets. The elegant and sleek design of the Bliss series ensure comfortable and stress free use. Build with the quality performance series of Allwinner Cortex A13 1.2Ghz microprocessors you will be guaranteed of solid performance. The Bliss series are supported by two years Spire direct consumer warranty service, the Bliss series are powered by innovation offered by Spire.

Main Features:
* 9inch Tablet PC
* Allwinner A13 1.2GHz
* Lightweight and portable, easy on the go
* Intelligent camera build in the front
(Bliss 9 Pro : Dual Camera 0.3MP)
* 800×480 Pixels Touch Screen
* Scratch-free glass display
* Build in Micro SD card-reader
* Pre-loaded with Android 4.0 OS
* Backed by 2 years warranty service

SPTPC901W Bliss 9 | USD 149.95 / EURO 114.95
SPTPC901W-2 Bliss 9 Pro | USD 159.95 / EURO 129.95

Product Includes :
* User’s manual *Warranty service card *AC Power adapter *Micro USB Cable *OTB Cable
The Bliss series tablet PC’s are now available from Spire Shenzhen, China. European distribution roll out will commence early September 2013.

Product url:
SPTPC901W Bliss 9 | http://www.spire-corp.com/tablet-pc/bliss-9-sptpc901w-1/
SPTPC901W-2 Bliss 9 Pro | http://www.spire-corp.com/tablet-pc/bliss-9-pro-sptpc901w-2/

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