Tested On Animals: Philips and O’Neill Team Up To Launch New Range of Durable Headphones

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That’s an interesting title for a press release if I’ve ever seen one! No they don’t mean real animals, besides how would you test headphones on animals? A lolcat picture with headphones on would be perfect for this wouldn’t it? Seriously though these new headphones are made for active people. They’re a collaboration between Phillips and O’Neill that feature four different styles, each completely unique and simple in design, yet able to withstand the challenges of the most dynamic active lifestyle.

Inspired by the heavy-duty materials and styling of wetsuit materials, The Stretch headphones – the toughest in the new line-up – delivers high performance. Both impact and high stress-crack resistant, it retains flexibility and strength for a whole new level in headphone resilience.



All models in the Philips | O’Neill Headphones range offer something for the most active and toughest lifestyles. The Snug model does it all in style: a set of imposing flat-folding, headphones that deliver flawless fit and sound with bold graphics. The in-ear selection includes The Covert, a discreet bud with deceptively powerful sound impact and iPhone control, while The Specked includes a range of three striking colored in-ear buds, with tough yet stylish tangle-free cords for longer listening experiences.

The new Philips | O’Neill Headphones will be available at retail stores throughout Europe and the US in September 2010.

Visit www.oneill.com/TestedOnAnimals  for more information

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